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Friday, June 24, 2011

Did Notre Dame’s Jeff Samardzija back in 2006 Make The Right Decision?

Let’s review.

First things first.  Jeff desperately needs a haircut.

He set single-season school records in both receiving yardage and touchdown receptions. Samardzija caught a TD pass in each of Notre Dame's first eight games in 2006, giving him the school record for consecutive games with a TD reception. Samardzija made 78 catches for 1,017 yards and 12 touchdowns in 13 games in the 2006 season to finish as the all-time Fighting Irish leader in reception yards with 2,593.  Of course Golden Tate has since taken that record.  He made the Football Writers Association of America All-America Team following the 2006 season.  He was projected as a first round draft pick in the NFL draft.  Great hands.  Super size.  Average speed.  Good head on his shoulders.

Jeff’s love was/is baseball.  The Chicago Cubs got some good players in rounds 1-4 of the 2006 Draft and held their breath until the 5th round and when their turn came again, they breathed a sigh of relief: Jeff Samardzija was still there, they wanted him.  After a protracted negotiation, the Cubs ultimately gave Samardzija a $2.5M bonus and a 5 year, $10M major league contract with a no-trade clause.  Man did he have some great agents!

So how has the Cub’s $12.5 million bonus baby done?

Four seasons in the majors, (2008-2011) Jeff has a win loss record of 9-8 with 1 save.  His ERA is 5.31.  This is the last year of his contract and it is safe to say Jeff’s baseball career is probably over.

Could he have done better in the NFL?  Who knows?

Did he save/invest his $12.5 Million?  We hope so.

Hopefully his degree, connections, ND networking will land him something to build a career on in the future.
Good luck Jeff.  We never tired of you catching the football for the IRISH.  Especially against UCLA.  What a game. 

Here it is.

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Anonymous said...

How long has Jeff played both sports? Did he play travel baseball as a kid?
Did Notre Dame have difficulties with Jeff playing both? Did he get athletic scholarships for both sports as well as academics?
-I believe my son's athletic capabilities are similar to his. Just want to know if it's possible to play both sports in college, especially a D1 school. Just curious. Thanks

Subway Alumni said...

He lettered in football, basketball and baseball in high school. His scholarship to ND was in football. He played three years in both sports.

Will Yeatman played lacrosse and football. Evan Sharpley played baseball and football. There has been others at ND. Current QB Everett Golson wanted to play basketball as well and because of grades and problems learning college football he has probably dropped that idea.

You normally have to get the permission of the coach from the sport you received the scholarship in. You should have that worked out before you sign a letter of intent.

I suspect playing two sports in college must be very difficult and balancing academics.

Your son must be very talented.

The best way to get noticed is to attend the summer camps sponsored by the college you are interested in. They all conduct them. These days you get highlight films made and send them out if your high school coaches won’t do it.

Good luck.