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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Road Trip Home Game

Notre Dame versus Maryland – Saturday, November 12, 2012.

Who was the moron that thought this up concept?  Play a home game at a neutral site?  We can’t get teams to come to South Bend for a one-game series anymore?
Neutral?  The Maryland campus is 20 miles from FedEx Field.  The football team, support staff, band, camp followers can be there in 30 minutes.

What the advantages???
**  We get to wear our home uniforms.  Actually ‘special’ uniforms and shamrock blazon helmets again.  However, we could wear them at home as well.  As an added attraction, Maryland is going to wear some crazy god awful football uniform as well.

**  The Notre Dame band will be there.  Of course we miss all the band game day activities that they do back on campus.
**  The majority of tickets are reserved for the Irish faithful.  A lot of east coast subway alumni who could never make it to South Bend can see their favorite team play in Maryland.

**  Potential recruits can see the Irish play.  Although the coaching staff is prohibited for having contact with any of them and this is not considered an official or unofficial visit by NCAA rules. You would think recruits would be more interested in participating in the one official visit allowed by touring the campus and watching a game from the Team sidelines.
What are the disadvantages???

**  Difficult and expensive for the Notre Dame students to travel to Maryland.
**  Prohibitive cost for Team, coaches, staff, cheerleaders and band in traveling.

**  Tremendous loss of revenue from parking, bookstore (estimated game day sales are a million bucks), stadium concessions (non-profits are the majority of the employees), alumni club store in the JACC, students who sell food on the Quad, and all the area businesses.
Guess it evens out since next year we play Miami at Soldiers Field in Chicago, not exactly a neutral site for the Hurricanes.  But who has ever cared about them anyway?

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