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Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday Odds and Ends

No way in hell am I venturing out shopping or getting in traffic with crazed drivers bent on a bargain.
Got involved with a movie and forgot all about the Texas and T A&M shootout Turkey night.  No big deal, all those state of Texas fans kind of remind me of Black Friday Shoppers anyway.  What did strike me funny as I read the paper was the fact that the rivalry will end this year with A&M going to the SEC.  Texas gave the answer that their future schedules are full through 2018.  I googled up the Texas football web site and checked out their future schedules and noticed two things.  They have already included Notre Dame in 2015 and 2016.  They still show playing A&M the last game of the season as usual year after year.  So who did Texas add?  They had better update their schedules as it looks to me as sour grapes by Texas and the Big 12 against A&M.

Here’s hoping the Irish do not turn the ball over Saturday.  If they are lucky enough to get a turnover from Stanford, they had better convert it into a touchdown.  The Tree does not give up many gift horses.

Well down here in Florida, the media has finally picked up on the Urban Meyer rumors of him going to Tattoo U and coach football.  Yeah, what did happen to spending quality time with the family and his mysterious illness?  Hmmmm.  One coach gets well (Meyer) and another gets treatable lung cancer (Paterno).  You got to wonder eh?  Wonder how many Irish fans still want a coach that leaves a program in a talent decline but claims burnout, family concerns, health.  If he’s done that once would he do it at Notre Dame?

I think every Irish fan realizes that our Team is better than 8-3.  Could we make it 9-3 and then 10-3? Would that be a successful season?  How about losses to Stanford and probably a FSU in Orlando.     8-5, same as last season.  Would that be considered successful?  No improvement even with a tougher schedule?  A step back?  It will be fun and interesting to see how this plays out.

A number of pundits say we should be 10-1 right now except for two fumbles (Jonas Gray and Dayne Crist).  A group of Brian Kelly haters blame him for Gray’s fumble against USF [Need to teach runners how to carry the football] and Crist’s fumble against UM, [Should have put Hendrix in, stupid play to call].  I have a difficult time blaming Kelly.  My only complaint against him was the call for a freshman quarterback to pass instead of taking the field goal against Tulsa.

After some discussion here at The Station we have decided to pull the plug on “Gipper’s Blackboard” after the Stanford game.  We started it up just before the start of the season and have 26 posts, 20 by me.  We only signed up 14 members and only three chipped in now and then.  Pretty dismal.  Thanks Tulsairish, Grim Jack, and Kreyfish34 for your support.

Getting back to the bitchers and Kelly bashers.  I sometime suspect they would be out for Knute Rockne’s head after his first year at Notre Dame (1918, 3-1-2 record).  Or Frank Leahy’s 1950 season going 4-4-1 after winning the NC in 1949 with a 10-0-0.  It is starting to get tedious reading their rants and not worth the cheap entertainment anymore.

Talk about dismal.  Take a look at the injury list on the left side of the Blog.  And that's just what we can gleem from stories and tweets.

Here is something nice from the South Bend Tribune.  Geat story.  Read it here.

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving and gave some time to give true thanks.
Go IRISH, Beat the Cardinal (or is it Tree)?

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