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Friday, November 18, 2011

Cam Roberson Update

Cameron Roberson - Tailback
We here at Subway Alumni Station try to stay abreast of injuries and status of rostered players.  You can check out what we know on the left side of the Blog.  If the Notre Dame Athletic Department would only grant us press credentials!!   Oh we could do such a much better job of keeping all you Subway Alumni informed on a variety of topics that the local media fail to report or are interested in writing about. 

Finally a reporter asked about Cam Roberson.  Remember him?  Cam a redshirt freshman starting his second year and spring training this 2011 eager to compete for tailback against Cierre Wood and Jonas Gray for playing time.  On the very first practice with full pads he goes down with what turns out to be a full LCL tear and a partial ACL tear.  Those are very bad knee injuries and bad juju.   
Just as a reminder, Cam ran for 1,452 yards on 226 carries and scored 18 touchdowns for Newbury Park CA in 2008.  He had 29 receptions for 279 yards and three more scores.  His best running game was 279 yards and he had two games of more than 200 yards rushing.

Reporter:  Cam Roberson we haven’t asked you about him for a while.  How is his rehab coming?
Coach KELLY:  It’s been a slow process and it will continue to be.  He’s moving around a little bit.  He’s not going to be able to practice this year for us, but certainly it’s a long, long road for him.

Wow.  We don’t claim any prizes for brilliance here at SAS, however reading between the lines and trying to decipher “coach speak” this is not good for Cam.
Two pieces of advice from someone who is not/has not walked in your moccasins Cam.

*** Give it everything you got to come back physically.
*** Get the best possible education you can out of NotreDame.

If anybody is passing by the Grotto, light a candle for Cam, say some prayers and send us the bill.
Hang in their Cam!
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Anonymous said...

cam will be back and better than before.