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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Notre Dame Sports Network

Boy does that title sound impressive and strike fear in the hearts of Notre Dame haters, The NCAA, BCS Guru’s and the rest of college sports.  Let’s face it, the Notre Dame – NBC contract, agreement and mutual admiration society is obsolete.  It expires in 2015.  Why it was extended to 2015 without due diligence, forward looking vision and the aspect of reaping big $$$ is beyond comprehension. Especially for Notre Dame and its desire to make $$ and continue to portray a national image.
The Big Ten (12) Network was a wakeup call that college sports was changing in a way that it provided viewing in which advertisers could capitalize upon and exploit.  Then the formation of the PAC-12 and that Conferences TV deal.  The best is the deal between Texas and the $300 million agreement with ESPN.
Let’s face it, college sports is a venue worth providing to viewers hungry for good clean athletic competition.
What does Notre Dame have to offer up?  State-of-the-art facilities in Football, Basketball, Hockey, Soccer, Baseball, et. al.  A national audience.  The Subway Alumni.  Who wants to watch Texas play Baylor in New York City?
Notre Dame is coming back in Football (Thank God).  The men’s basketball team was supposed to make a run for the Final Four but fell short.  Not the women who made it to the Championship game.  Notre Dame’s Hockey, Lacrosse, Soccer, and now Women’s Golf (Go Nicole Zhang, Kristina Nhim and Katie Conway) are all competitive and worthy of following and cheering for Ole Notre Dame.
NBC owns Versus Network, they are the ones who broadcasted the 2011 Blue-Gold Game last month.  Versus is readily available on DirectTV, Dish, and most cable companies.  Soon they will add “NBC” to their name.  It would be nice to add: Notre Dame Sports as well.

Don’t forget to add us to your favorites list: http://subwayalumnistation.blogspot.com

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