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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Notre Dame Amateur Assessment at the Mid-Point in the Season

Three and Three, the football season’s half over for the IRISH, who’d have guessed? A murderer’s row of a start, a little luck that’s been missing for years and it should be 5-1 for Notre Dame.

What’s gone right? What’s turned to cow pies? What’s to look forward to in the last six games and a possible bowl bid?

Gone Right.

A tenacious DEFENSE, long play mistake prone but won’t quit. Gang-tackling with a vengeance and is learning fast.

A field goal kicker that has been sorely missed during the Weis Era.

A punter who is getting better and more consistent.

A quarterback growing up fast.

Punt coverage.

Kick-off coverage.

Cow Pies.

Punt returns.

Kick-off returns.

A hot and cold offensive line. Who will show up Saturday to block against WMU?

A bevy and stocked troupe of running backs that has turned into a committee of one.

Some head-scratching offensive play calling, use of time-outs and exercise of the challenge.

Drive-killing dropped passes and penalties.

A game plan that didn’t work against a certain quarterback from Ann Arbor.

Disappointment in one All-American receiver.

An all season nagging injury and now season ending for one for an All-American receiver.

Look Forward.

A quarterback that’s only going to get better.

A beatable USC.

A big challenge with Utah.

Is the current Irish coaching staff smarter that the previous regime in defending against the option-wishbone of Navy?

A field goal kicker who by the law of averages is going to fail.

A kick-off and a punt return for touchdowns long overdue. Again,  because of the law of averages.

An offensive line that will shine against the four cupcakes on the schedule.

A receiving corps that will step up to the plate for the last seven games.

Learning how NOT to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory.

BLOGGER NOTE: The lag in reporting was due to a six-month relocation to Florida for the winter. Obtaining internet access and setting up the subway station took longer than expected. Go IRISH.

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