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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Some More Sobering Questions That Need To Be Answered

Some More Sobering Questions That Need To Be Answered

Is the Notre Dame coaching staff on the road during bye week recruiting or staying back and trying to staunch the hemorrhaging?

Have anymore recruits jumped ship or is the number still 17 (loss of 3 so far)?

Are there any potential high school recruits out there that still want to come to Notre Dame?

Is there a coach’s summer camp out there somewhere that teaches the defensive nuances of the triple option?

Can the Subway Alumni Station staff send Notre Dame Coach Bob Diaco to the camp? We’d send Coach Brian Kelly as well except that it would cause us to dip heavily into our beer fund.

Would the game film last week of the Duke victory over Navy be of value to the Notre Dame Coaching staff?

Has Navy Coach Ken Niumatalalo written a book on the triple option?

Can we get a copy and it send to the entire Notre Dame coaching staff?

Has anyone sat down and worked the odds concerning risk, outcome, logic, potential success, potential failure, rewards and punishment of the following scenario? Trailing 28-27 with 45 seconds left on the clock. You are sitting at the opponents 19 yard line with the football spotted between the hash marks. Third down, one time out left, with a Groza semifinalist sitting the bench, 18 for 18 in field goals. You order up a pass into the end zone to the constantly double-teamed All-American candidate Michael Floyd.

Has the first year institution of the evening meal training table been a contributing factor in the five losses?

Should have Manti Te’o gone on his Mormon Mission instead of playing football this year for Notre Dame? (We can answer that – My gosh NO).

Who would have picked up the slack in the tackle department on defense?

Does anyone other than Brian Kelly’s mother believe Notre Dame can beat Utah?

Who in practice or during the opening minutes of the Utah game will get injured?

Michael Floyd

Manti Te’o

Cierre Wood

Tommy Rees

When was the last time you watched a Notre Dame football game and the offensive line dominated both the line of scrimmage and the opponent the entire game?

Other than Tulsa Irish and Grim Jack, is anyone out there in ND Nation reading this sorry blog?

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