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Sunday, November 28, 2010

What We Learned From Watching the ND – U$C Game - 2010

** ESPN3, Streaming, Windows7, and our Compaq computer do not get along. Every time we tried to mute the mind numbing Capital One Viking commercials, Windows7 would rear its ugly head and fight with everyone.  Invariably Windows would win.

** Who would of thought you could give up four horrific turnovers at your end of the field and lose the turnover ratio and WIN THE GAME?

** Tommy Rees has just got to stop throwing picks (85-135-8) with 10 TD's.

** The jury is still out on Kelly’s spread offense.

** 2010 Punt return statistic: 15 for 83 yards. 60 have been fair-caught. We stink.

** It does rain in California.

**  We had the ninth least penalties in the NCAA, and 22nd lowest in penalty yards per game. Last night, 1 penalty for 10 yards.

** Victory after 8 losses in a row to U$C is Sweet.

** A number of U$C linebackers and safeties are wondering this morning who was number 33 and why was he running as if possessed?

** How could the Notre Dame defense perform so crappy against Navy and so strong against U$C? Gave up 35 points to Navy and 34 since.

** Tommy Rees has just got to stop throwing those horrific picks.

** Apparently the ABC/ESPN producer does not (as the NBC producer does) like to show Brian Kelly yelling, ranting and raving at some poor Notre Dame player.

** Apparently the ABC/ESPN producer does like to show Lane Kiffin (who has been given the ‘handle” Lame Kitten over at NDNation) with the deer in the head light look.

** If you thought U$C was not tanked going into the game, they definitely are now.

** Robert Hughes is a Brick S*** House with wheels.

** Will somebody please tell Tommy Rees to quit throwing picks?

** You got wonder what kind of a career U$C QB Mitch Mustain would have had if he had stayed at Arkansas or gone to a school that was hurting for a QB.

** Notre Dame deferred from the coin toss. Sent out the defense. Maybe Kelly learned something from watching Lou.

** Next week U$C vs. UCLA. If we were a betting staff, we would NOT take U$C regardless of the point spread.

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