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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Notre Dame Football Traditionalism

The goals have always been staggering:

*  Once again to be a college football power.
*  Return to relevancy, respect and fear. 
*  Expect true love or hate.
*  Independence from conference and BCS politics.
*  A national schedule with a national following.
*  Fielding an honest team and program with honest coaches.
*  100% graduation rate.

Notre Dame Athletic Director Jack Swarbrick in a recent interview cracked open the door to Notre Dame Traditionalism and initiated a flurry of ideas concerning the notion of a Jumbotron and fake grass in hallowed Notre Dame Stadium. The innocent “video board” discussion centered around the unique experience of the Notre Dame – Army Game in Yankee Stadium during the 2010 season. It was special, historic; appealing to the TV ratings and well produced by NBC, however, let’s leave all that at Yankee Stadium.

The issue of artificial field turf started with a comment concerning questions about “condition of the field” during a number of home games this year. Conditions did not appear idea; the reasons could be many from drunken maintenance crews to global warming. It is strongly suspected that natural grass technology experts have been all over the stadium playing surface since the Utah win. If the snow ever melts this spring in South Bend, changes will be made concerning care, maintenance and use.  Do not fear.

The discussion in no way indicated that Notre Dame was researching the possibility of erecting a Jumbotron high above the stadium in the South end zone. (No can do North end zone because of the Hesburgh Library). Nor is the natural grass going to be dug up anytime soon and replaced with recycled plastic water bottles and old car tires.

Please. Do we want a scoreboard that looks like this?  Advertisments and the like.

Or this one with a small screen?

At least our good friends and rivals up in Michigan have better taste and no advertisers!  But do they allow advertising on the screen?

The old saying rings true, either you love Notre Dame or you hate them.  The storied program is a throwback from another time and era.  Notre Dame has the responsibility as a nationally recognized football entity to maintain the college tradition.  No one else will.  So how about some blue plastic grass?

We cannot find a Notre Dame grad or Subway Alumni who would not want to watch the IRISH on this.

No team logo.  No conference logo.  No advertisements.  Touchdown Jesus and the Dome.  No strange design in the end zone, just slash marks.

Some other things that separate Notre Dame Football from the rest of the pack.
Simple gold shiny helmets without team logo decals or "See What I Did" stickers. 

The same goes for player names on the back of jerseys.  If you are too lazy to memorize the players number, buy a program.

Notre Dame is one of a handful of universities that do not allow the All State net in the stadium.  Creeping advertising.

Let us remain independent.  The greatest threat to tradition is commericalism.  Notre Dame does not need to follow other schools or the NFL.  We need to lead.

The Subway Alumni's of ND Nation have spoken.

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1 comment:

Dr Randy Jones said...

Your post is Right On!! I have a daughter at Alabama and Notre Dame. The feeling at ND is uneqaled when you are in ND Stadium--more so than Bryant Denny. It is because of many of the items you listed.