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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Stupid Pre-Preseason Prediction (guess)

Well Mark Schlabach over at the ESPN website must be bored or experiencing college football withdrawals.  His pre-preseason top 25 rankings are hot off the keyboard and he has the audacity to crown Notre Dame #24.  You can read the entire dribble here. 

Why is it always team speed that is lacking and a sore point?  Where does this guy get this stuff?  Is he out there at practice with a stop watch?  Why is team speed always an overriding issue that needs to be constantly addressed?

If our defense is such a plus, how come FSU came from 0-14 down to beat us 18-14?
Ok, though, let’s get this straight and put our thoughts in order on this under deserving honor.

Notre Dame finished out of the rankings in 2011 after giving away the Champs Sports Bowl to FSU.
Throughout the 2011 season Notre Dame fumbled, threw to the other team, and performed inept at quarterback.

One of the best wide receivers in Irish history as in Michael Floyd has graduated.  No one appears on the radar with the hands or size to replace him.  Not incoming freshmen or rostered players.
Notre Dame has no quarterback as of this moment and it is a shame that so much time again this spring and fall is going to be devoted to scraping together something.

The 2012 killer schedule was put together for a team coming off a BCS win and a 10-2 record, not 8-5.  It’s a tough one and with the inevitable injuries to key players, it could be a disaster. 
Coaching.  Two new coaches.  A third promoted from the grad assistant ranks.  No fulltime Special Teams Coach.  A third year head coach that has not won the hearts and minds of Domers let alone Subway Alumni.  Coaching and coaching decisions have been an issue both last year and the year before that.

Normally these predictions are based upon the previous year, I don’t know what year Schlabach is looking at, and the Irish were out of the top 25 the past two years.
They don’t start the BCS rankings until, what the fifth week because of cupcake scheduling and pure guess work that ranked teams to begin with.

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