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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Emerald Isle

Whew.  Almost threw the baby out with the bath water.  Sorting through the junk mail delivered by the nearly bankrupt USPS I was ready to circular file a brown envelope from the Naval Credit Union.  Now how did those morons get my name and address?  Turns out it was our Navy vs. ND tickets!

Wow that would have been a disaster of major proportions.  Something I am quite capable of accomplishing.

It appears we will need personal oxygen tanks for the nose bleed section (504).  Although on the plus side it looks to be around the 30-35 yard line.  Since we got the tickets through the Navy athletic department there is a good chance we will be sitting among the enemy.  Regardless we will be yelling our Guinness induced fool heads off for the Irish.

The problem is my threat to rush the field if Brian Kelly starts Tommy Rees.  The first quarter will have ended before I can make it down to the field.

Well anyway, conventional wisdom indicates that Kelly will accept some freshman mistakes in order to get Everett Golson on the field.  Golson needs to tuck the ball when no one is open instead of trying to thread the needle or hope for the best.  Tommy just does not have the legs to outrun anyone, not even South Bend donut eating cops.

On another note, we have just learned that the entire staff here at Subway Alumni Station will be tailgating and attending the Stanford game.  Should be a good one minus Andrew Luck.  We were originally not planning on attending a game at the Bend this year, however some tickets and even a hang tag fell into our laps.  Who’s to say no to that?

Go Irish bomb the Navy.


kreyfish said...

Congrats on the Navy tix!! Know that I will be toasting you and the Irish at 9am on the 1st of Sept. I haven't had beer for breakfast since college...but I'm willin'.

Not sure yet which tickets I will get my grubby little hands on this year, but if they're for Stanford game, we'll be sure to hook up!!

Anonymous said...

So what's a hang tag? (I don't get out too much)

Grim Jack

Anonymous said...

If Colson doesn't start, he'll come in early, probably after the first three and out.

He'll be injured early in the season, with less expectency than a running back. Will Hendrix still be there?

Subway Alumni said...

Anonymous - I’m not convinced that Tommy Rees won’t be serving a suspension during the Navy game.

Grim Jack - Never seen or had a ‘hang tag’. The tag is a parking pass to the better lots. They are available to season ticket holders and of course come with steep price. You hang them from the rear view mirror.

Kreyfish – When my son gets the Stanford tickets I’ll find out where we are parking and sitting in the stadium and give you a shout-out. I’ve been working on a post with thoughts and ideas on game day activities and must sees.

Subway Alunmi

IrishPT said...

Other son and fellow Subway Alumni Station staff member will be attending the Stanford game and is planning on brewing a special batch of home made beer for the tailgater. Will also have deep fryer with chicken wings, homemade deep fried potato chips with various seasonings and brats. Also, picked up a very nice expandable game day tent, for cheap, in case it rains.