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Monday, November 5, 2012

Notre Dame – Boston College Prediction

This football game and score predicting business is getting tough.  We did not take into account for the ND-Pitt game prediction that the Irish Team of 2011 would show up.  Who’d of thought?  It would have been just plain crazy talk.
The Irish will play well in Boston if for no other reason that it is not a home game.  We are all for calling Wake Forest and telling them to stay there and we will fly down.

Now does this simple comparison below make any sense?
Home field blues and reasons for falling flat our faces at home:

Purdue - jet lag after Dublin and big trip across the pond
Michigan - following big, emotional win vs MSU
Stanford - inclement weather, tough opponent and after Shamrock Series Game in Chicago against Miami
BYU - Followed midterm week, physical OT Stanford game, and before OU game
Pitt - following big, emotional win vs OU

The Irish just cannot keep the emotions up?

Anyway, it is an away game so we feel confident.

Boston College averages 77 yards/game on the ground, 122nd in the country.  Against Wake Forest last week, they managed to break into double digits by grinding out 12 hard fought yards.

To make up for a dismal running game they have quarterback Chase Rettig throw the ball all over the field. Unfortunately, they can't really protect him and have surrendered 22 sacks this year. Rettig is also not mobile.  He could get to know KLM and Mr. Nix very well.

As poor as they are offensively, they might be worse defensively. They give up an average of 235 yards/game on the ground.  George, Cierre and Theo got to be salivating.

You look at BC's schedule so far and you just shake your head.  2-7.  Northwestern, Maine, Wake Forest, Army, Maryland.

Unless Charlie's 3-9 Team shows up at Chestnut Hill this should be a laugher.  Just in case, We at the Station are laying in a large stock of fine beer and liquor.  This undefeated thing is wearing the staff out.

Notre Dame 48 - Boston College 9

Editors Note:  This is the same prediction as last week.  Maybe it will work this time.

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