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Friday, January 18, 2013

Time is of the Essence for Manti Te’o

First of all, I believe Manti Te’o innocent until proven otherwise.  Second, Notre Dame Athletic Director Jack Swarbrick and his staff did an outstanding job in protecting the University and in initially defending and advising Manti.  Third, the ball is in his court now and the game clock is ticking away.  There are still too many questions and inconsistencies being raised by a media previously burned by a lack of research, due diligence and poor reporting.
I’m not sure what Manti’s handlers are waiting for in getting this scandal over with and behind them.  It is going to take another statement and a question and answer session with a group of media reporters to end it all. 

The story is on the BBC and been ridiculed by all the late night comedians.  It has reached the dragging out and stung by rumors, falsehoods and second guessing stage.  It is not going to go away even with Lance Armstrong temporarily taking the heat.

What is at stake now is Manti’s professional football career, lucrative endorsement deals and most importantly his name and reputation.  Not to mention his mental health.  Who will want to buy a sub after watching a Subway commercial with Manti munching and talking about how great subway sandwiches taste?
If he found out on December 6th that he was the victim of a cruel hoax, the clock started ticking then on how much time he had until someone involved or someone knowledgeable of the hoax would break the story.  Deadspin.com claims they received an anonymous email, who knows who believe.

The agent(s), lawyer(s), family and true friends need to get Manti ready for the examination and cross examination now!  The prepping was already done by lawyer Jack Swarbrick.
We are behind you Manti.  God Bless.

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