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Thursday, June 17, 2010

God Bless Texas

Well obviously, Notre Dame dodged a bullet. Independence as a football entity is still very much intact. The Big East did not get raped or imploded. Notre Dame still has a venue to compete in other sports. Thank god for Texas. That “Don’t mess with Texas” slogan is not just hollow words. They hung tough against the Pac-10 (11) and will live another day in the Big-12 (10).

It’s pretty much agreed that the Big Ten (11) (12) got at least half of what they wanted, those greedy schmucks. No one in the Big East appealed enough or could add value. So they penetrated the heartland of America and bring a great football school and tradition to the Big Ten (11) (12). It just did not make economic sense to slice the TV revenue pie into smaller pieces for the likes of Missouri, Rutgers, and Syracuse. Once again, Notre Dame said no and was able to get away with it. Wouldn’t a national championship type year or at least a BCS bid be sweet to add salt to the wounded Big Ten (11) (12)?

Man they need to sort out all the conference names.

I can’t wait for the first time Nebraska fans buy up every ticket on the planet and take over someone’s stadium in a sea of Red.  Been there, seen it, did not like it.

Notre Dame needs to start winning and winning against teams that have for the past twenty years been using the Irish as a doormat. If ND can again become a college football power on the national scene, no one would dare setup a BCS or playoff system without the proviso that a 12-0 or 11-1 independent Notre Dame Team be somehow included in the mix.

It appears the real threat to Notre Dame wasn’t necessarily being shut out of the BCS bowl situation because of the possibility of 16 school mega conferences that would control playing for the national championship. There is always work a rounds for that. The frightening scenario involved the SEC raiding the ACC to acquire a slate of 16 schools. The ACC would have in turn raided the Big East to do the same. By the time the Big East would have woke up and looked around, no viable football schools would have been left and no conference for Notre Dame to compete in other varsity sports. Whew.

79 days to Purdue. But who’s counting?

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