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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Terry Bradshaw Is No Fan Of Jimmy Clausen

Well sure, gee things are definitely getting slow around the college football scene.

Dog days of summer and all that it entails are upon us. Man, it’s been hot in West Virginia this year.

So Terry, why not pick on Jimmy Clausen?  Check it out here.  He can’t respond, no one else will/can defend him. He’s alone, just trying to make the Panthers.

Well SAS will come to his defense. Of course, the HUMVEE stretch limo, flashing the high school championship rings and the goofy haircut was stupid at the College Football Hall of Fame. Jimmy will never live that down. Blame it on the family and Clausen Inc. Poor decision, but we have all made them. Wish to he would have gotten his degree from Notre Dame, but the NFL was calling.

Terry is not a paper sports commentary type guy. He has to verbalize and doesn't even do that very well. He’s not the sharpest knive in the drawer. In fact, he’s a jock-idiot and a moron, at least that's my impression when I am forced to listen to him before an NFL game. He just uses hype all the time. Likes to shout, interrupt and direct his opinion to the “Joe-six pack” crowd. Just like Lou Holtz and that Mark Mays character on ESPN. Mutt and Jeff, feeding off each other to the audience and the paycheck. But no one at Fox wants to broadcast fluff, hyperbole, touchy-feely, or ho-hum static. Got to be controversy. Thus Terry is always drawing a line in the sand.

Terry has obviously done well. Bunch of money, fame, recognition, glory, rings, movies, endorsements, trophy wife, (looking at Terry’s picture and Jo Jo’s you can pretty much guess his marriage was going to be trash.)

Anyway, didn’t know that Terry was such an expert on technique and finesse quarterbacking.  If Clausen can hit a wide receiver on a fly pattern over the shoulder or lead and rifle a bullet to the tight end over the middle, who cares if the form is not perfect.  He can lead, he can listen, he can think. 

No, he never won the big game.  Of course neither did Charlie Weis.  Jimmy did take a lot of hits for the team, played hurt and kept his mouth shut with a poor offensive line and a defense that couldn't hold a lead.

Oh well, Terry got his controversy and I got fodder for another post during the "Dead Zone" time of college football.

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