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Monday, January 10, 2011

Let’s Go Bowling !

Now that we have your attention.

So how did Notre Dame’s 2010 opponents perform during the bowl season? Here are the results loyal lads of Notre Dame and Subway Alumni Station followers:

Purdue – With a dismal 4-8 season sat and watched the games from the comfort of their West Lafayette living rooms. Probably contemplating how in 2011 they can stay out of the cellar where their “Old Oaken Bucket” buddy Indiana now resides.

Michigan – Managed to get pounded by Mississippi State 52-14, and have their coach unceremoniously fired. When was the last time you observed a coach hanging in the breeze so long? Michigan is in disarray and hopefully will remain so until at least after we visit the Big House on September 10th.

Michigan State – Was totally humiliated by Alabama 49-7. We here at SAS are thankful that the results did not bring on another heart attack to Coach Dantonio.

Stanford – Showed the Hokies the way to the door with a 40-12 shellacking. The happy results vaulted Jim Harbaugh to the NFL 49ers and out of our hair. Thank you Hokies.

Boston College – Highly overrated Nevada (#15) defeated the other Catholic School 20-13.  Amazingly enough over 41,000 showed up to watch the game.  That's probably more than watched it on TV considering the NFL dominated the airwaves all day.

Pittsburgh – Beat 6-7 Kentucky in a waste-of-time bowl. Kudos to Pitt for the victory with an interim coach after going through two head coaches in less than a month and still looking for a third.

Western Michigan - The 6-6 Broncos stayed home in Timbuktu or is it Kalamazoo? Maybe if the bowl gods increase the number of bowl games from 30 to say 40, they could bowl too.

Navy – Where as Notre Dame could not stop the Triple Option, SDSU had Navy’s number and beat them rather nicely 35-14.

Tulsa – In a game devoid of defense, defeated Hawaii, 62-35.

Utah – Continued to be exposed (10-3) and was soundly beaten by BSU 26-3.

Army – The Golden Knights eked out a 16-14 win over SMU. Go Long Gray Line.

Southern Cal – Because of running a shabby and loose football program, USC with a 7-5 eligible bowl record was forced to side on the sidelines. We are looking forward to pounding them in South Bend in 2011.

So the tally is..............  W- 4    L - 5     DP - 3

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