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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Three Polls to Help Wait for Recruiting News from Notre Dame (Adjusted)

Editor comments below...........

Sylvia our assistant lay-out editor found some room on the right side of the Blog so we here at Subway Alumni Station decided to conduct a couple of unscientific polls. The burning questions of the New Year are:

Will Kyle Rudolph and Michael Floyd declare for the NFL draft?

How long will Charlie Weis last at Florida?

It appears that Charles Weis Jr. is interested in the coaching profession. What better way than to learn at Florida and alongside your father? It is a plus-plus for Mr. and Mrs. Weis, the family is not separated and Charles Jr. gets special treatment and unbelievable experience.

As we do in West Virginia, vote early, vote often.


So Kyle Rudolph has opted for the NFL draft eh?

No sense in keeping his poll up.

Kyle. Good luck. Wish you well. The IRISH will miss you. God speed. Hope you return some day to earn your degree.

You are making a terrible mistake.

Of course the NFL wants you and has evaluated you very highly.

First tight end (TE) to be drafted?

Son, they do that to all the college juniors. They need new, fresh meat.

Will you be physically ready for the NFL combine?

If not, will some team pick you on your highlight film alone?

Will NFL teams take a chance on damaged goods?

The draft 2011 TE class is kind of lean.

Are your statistics all that impressive?

You got the size and the hands.

How many NFL teams are in the market to draft a rookie TE?

Your speed is great for a TE. Gee, you ran super for that 95 yard touchdown against Michigan.

The NFL is going to be interesting this year. Lockout? Strike? Rookie salary cap? Expanded roster? 18 game schedule?

Yup. The money smells sweet. Hope you get it all son.

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