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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What Brian Kelly Really Meant

Like most of you Loyal Sons of Notre Dame, I watched/listened to the Brian Kelly press conference on Tuesday, August 17th. Thought most of the questions were quite dumb, but I guess the reporters have not graduated from their pandering of Charlie Weis. In addition, I never realized that Eric Hanson, whom I admire, is a really big dude.  This press confernece format high-lights the reporters, makes them use a mike so we can basically see and hear who asked the dumb question.  It has Kelly standing at a podium instead of a table, obviously what makes him most comfortable.  This is quiet a change from the Weis era.  We like it.  Coach Kelly does need to quit picking at his head and face though.

If you’ve been on vacation or travel, here is the link to the press conference.

SAS reading between the lines take is:

** Kelly again appeared honest and sincere in his answers. Like all good coaches, he knows the enemy is watching and never states too much, just enough to get them lying awake at night. We were surprised he announced that Armando Allen, Kyle Rudolph, and Theo Riddick could/will run the Wild Cat. That is something for Purdue and the Skunkbears to find out when the IRISH line up without Dayne Crist. Rudolph is the most intriguing to receive the snap. After getting rid of the football, he can really lay a hit on someone, especially on a reverse to spring the runner free of the defensive end.

** Tommy Rees is gonna be the backup QB to Dayne Crist. He received a lot of praise from Kelly. Nate Montana is inconsistent. Being an early January enrollee and spring practice sure has helped Rees. We have to remember; Nate never received any scholarship offers and got his preferred walk-on status due to his father.

** Another indictment against the Weis coaching era and staff, Michael Floyd “was an average player last year” and his athleticism accounted for his performance not skills taught. Now Michael knows and runs crisp routes and has set the achievement bar for the rest of the Team.  We shall see.

** Unspoken but assume Manti Te’o and Michael Floyd will be Team captains.

** Manti Te’o, a sophomore is the standout defensive player thus far in fall practice. That speaks volumes about the defense.

** At least nine true freshman will see playing time.

** Kelly works with the walk-ons during practice.

** The defense is still a mystery and a work in progress. This is unsettling even with a 3-4 scheme and a new defensive coordinator. Of course, the same cast of characters is back, that may be the unsettling part.

** In the kicking game on Special Teams, Armando Allen on punt returns with Theo Riddick (again) and Cierre Wood. Fast, shifty, speed demons all. Give them some good blocks boys and they will be in the end zone waiting to high-five ya.  We see a return to glory in the return game, not since Tim Brown and Rocket Ismail. 

I am going to try to get credentials from the local rag here in West Virginia and start, attending the pressers. I want to know:

*** Exactly what is the status of E. J. Banks. At first, I guessed academics, now it may be a ‘conflict’ with the coaching staff.

*** Is Chris Badger really coming back from a two-year Mormon mission? What’s his scholarship status?

Anything you want to know that I can ask?

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