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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ten Reasons Why the Fightin IRISH Will Defeat the Purdue Boilermakers

1. About 60+ players are so hungry to forget 2009, that they, as a unit would jump a well-done soup bone thrown on the ground just for dinner. (Forget the Freshmen; they were all in grade school when Coach Charlie Weis was hired).

2. Purdue is in a rebuilding year. Not one press blurb since Coach Brian Kelly was hired has reported Notre Dame is in a rebuilding year.  You have not heard that from Coach Kelly's lips either.

3. Coach Kelly and his staff are young, climbing up the mountain to the Promised Land and nobody is going to knock them off, not if they can help it.. (As a group, they would jump ahead of the 60+ So., Jr. Sr., 5yr Srs., to snag that soup bone to advance their careers and reputations).

4. The entire Team is healthy. (LB Anthony McDonald is listed as ‘questionable’,)  we shall see. Coach Kelly has been around the block on reporting injuries to the enemy before.)

5. Notre Dame is opening at home. The student body in mass will be wearing the 2010 Green T-Shirt. (Most will be sober) (Although, the IRISH record playing at home leaves something to be desired).

6. Seven Notre Dame players are listed on various post-season award Watch Lists.

7. Purdue has lost their back-up quarterback (academics) and starting running back (injury) for playing against the IRISH.

8. Anastasia Kushchenko predicted an IRISH victory, read it HERE.

9. Speed Kills. Coach Kelly knows that very well after 20 years. After spring training, fall camp, and preparing for the Boilermakers, the 85 scholarship players, walk-ons, and assorted scout team members have bought in big time. Speed is at every position based upon what was available and recruited in less than a year.  Don't get up and go the bathroom and grab another beer when the IRISH have the ball.  Watch out for swarming on defense that you have never seen before.

10. The Notre Dame Football Team has more to prove to the student body (including Saint Mary’s), the Alumni, and the Subway Alumni than Purdue does.

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