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Friday, August 27, 2010

A Riddle Wrapped in a Mystery inside an Enigma

Winston S. Churchill (Oct. 1, 1939)

He was of course referring to the Soviet Union and their real intentions just after the invasion of Poland by Nazi Germany. [The key was what was the true national interest of Russia]

Our riddle is E. J. Banks cornerback for Notre Dame.

The mystery appears to be settled? 

Here is what Coach Kelly had to say Thursday, August 26th.

Q: What is the situation with E.J. Banks?

“We’re going to bring him out as a scout team player next week, Tuesday, and we expect him to come and do a great job for us.”

Q: Can he compete or just practice?

“He cannot compete, that is correct. He is no longer on scholarship. He is paying his own way here at Notre Dame by his own decision. He wanted to come back to Notre Dame, he wanted to be on the team, and he wanted to prove himself. So he’s going to get the chance to prove himself academically and on the football field.” 

Italics and underlining added.

A little history.

Banks was an early enrollee in January 2010. Went through spring practice and the Blue-Gold Game. Came out for fall camp and then disappeared from the Team. It is assumed he attended summer school with the rest of his teammates.

His father made a statement afterwards that E.J. would remain enrolled at Notre Dame but would not be playing football this year, but hoped to be accepted on the Team in 2011. (Or words to that effect)

Coach Kelly had also initally stated that Banks had left the Team.  (Or words to that effect)

If it were an academic issue, you would assume that it would have surfaced prior to the start of fall camp. Secondly, Banks is off scholarship after only winter semester and summer school? What happened to academic probation? Thirdly, if it is an academic issue and he needs to pull his grades and G.P.A. up to get his academic house in order, why/how would he have time to practice on the scout team?

We do not want to speculate and foster rumor.  We think their is more.

The enigma may be that the Notre Dame admissions office should take a closer look at and screen the maturity, scholarship, and adaptability of early enrollees coming to the University of Notre Dame in January. No one wants to see these young, student athletes fail. From this small January class, Chris Badger left for a two-year Mormon mission and Spencer Boyd left for personal reasons.

Good luck E.J. Banks, hang in there, get your scholarship back and make the Team in 2011. Go IRISH

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