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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Notre Dame 2010 Two-Deep Depth Chart - Aught 31, 2010

Well the two-deep depth chart is finally out for the beginning of the 2010 Fighting Irish Football Season. Expect a ton of articles and posts throughout NDNation. You can find the official chart here.

In a nutshell our take:

Missing in action:

WR- Shaq Evans (Rumors are flying he is transferring)

TE – Mike Ragone

QB – Nate Montana

Pleasant Surprises:

QB – Tommy Rees #2

RG - Mike Golic Jr. #2

WR - Theo Riddick

TE - Tyler Eifert #2

CB – Gary Gray

OLB – Prince Shembo

As Expected:

RB – Cierre Wood #2

C – Dan Wenger #2

WR – TJ Jones #2

WR – Duval Kamara #2

S - Jamoris Slaughter

What the?:

WR – John Goodman #2

CB – Darrin Walls

PR – John Goodman #2

The biggest mystery is Shaq Evans. He ended up a forgotten WR under Charlie Weis and apparently nothing has changed with Brian Kelly.

The second biggest mystery is Mike Ragone. Run-in with the law this spring? Heat injury this fall? Or is Tyler Eifert just better?

The third biggest mystery is John Goodman at #2 WR and #2 PR. Maybe he impresses the SAS readers and ND coaching staff, surely not the SAS staff.  No speed.  No consistent hands. No fast moves.

Darrin Walls must have had one heck of a fall camp. Hopefully he has finally blossomed.

You have to wonder if fifth year senior Dan Wenger had gone to anyother college he could have been starting more consistently over his career.

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