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Thursday, September 9, 2010

It All Boils Down to a Couple of Simple Issues

Wow, a ton of stuff has been written about the game Saturday. Analysis, opinions, guessing, dart throwing you name it.

Here at SAS we filled an old galvanized washtub full of Schneider Weisse with chipped ice. Vicki, one of our apprentice researchers volunteered to keep us fortified. [Man, I love this job]

It seemed the right thing to do considering all the hoopla that is building up over this great rivalry. By the time the ice had turned to liquid form and Vicki’s arms gave out we came up with two key game-breaking issues that Notre Dame has to, one solve and the other exploit.

The game is really a toss-up and should be exciting.

Special Teams appear to be about equal.

Of course, turn-overs are always important.

Home field advantage?  Naw, Notre Dame loses a lot at home.

Both coaches have a ton to prove.  One to keep his job, the other to show he earned the hire.

Both teams have young unproven players on both sides of the ball.  Last year they both stunk.

On defense, Denard Robinston has to be neutralized. He accounted for over 60% of the plays either passing or running against UConn. Rich Rodriquez definitely has found the quarterback of his dreams to run his offense. So either you blanket his receivers and give up the run or try and limit his running and allow man-to-man coverage in the secondary. We agree with the previous post concerning what to do. Put Notre Dame’s best defensive guy on Michigan’s best offensive guy.

On offense, test and pick apart Michigan’s secondary which has been hurt by graduation and injuries. Michigan will try and stop the running of Allen and Wood first.  That's the Big Ten thing to do.

It shall be interesting to watch which game plans are executed by both coaches.  More importantly, which one works.

You got to love college football.

Go IRISH, beat the Skunkbears.

BTW, here are the rest of the apprentices:
{I'm kind of Coors Light type of guy}

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