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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Quarterback – University of Notre Dame

The issue at hand for Brian Kelly as Boston College looms; play Dayne Crist as a true Quarterback leading a true spread offense.

Thus, fish or continue to cut bait.

Cutting bait has proven futile as a 1-3 start has painfully been noted thus far. Remember that our lone victory (W-23-12) was over a mighty Purdue Team that now has succumbed to Toledo (L-31-20).

Kelly has a number of opinions to salvage the season (if you have failed to notice, we have played 25% of the schedule).

1. Continue to nurse, protect, and mature Dayne Crist while every defense in the nation will now rush 3 and drop 8.

2. Activate the QB run with the draw, option, roll-out/scramble to add true dimension to the spread.

3. Rotate in Nate Montana who can run.

4. Truly insert the Wildcat or what Kelly calls the Leprechaun. (Sssspt, Allan is a very good short passer).  Why it was introduced and not used more during the Stanford game is a mystery.

5. Screens, reverses, double reverses, Statue of Liberty, delayed draws, lob to the running back in the flats, the old hidden ball trick, blab, blab. Anything other than what our running game has shown thus far. Anything to disrupt the defense. Come on please Brian.

6. Dink passes to a two TE, two WR set with the RB involved. Fast. Very fast. Quit going through the read progression while our OL tries to desperately work and cannot hold. They have not shown they can do it. Gee, 4 against 3?  What's that all about?

Where is all this young-blood, hungry coaching that we thought had arrived at Notre Dame? They can’t figure this out?

We are not sure Kelly has the personnel to run the spread. Look at Rich Rodriguez at UM; it took him three years to recruit what he wanted.


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