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Monday, September 6, 2010

Some ND vs. PU Numbers You May Not Have Seen

You number crushing Geeks want some digits? Here are a few unusual ones:

** PU and ND both had 20 First Downs

** ND had 10 Rushing and 10 Passing First Downs – Exactly what Coach Kelly preaches, even with his ‘Spread Offense’.

** ND had 2 Penalties for 15 yards, both were Special Team infractions. What do you think of that Coach Weis?

** ND Punt average 31.7, yes one was a pooch kick, but the longest was 35 yds. This was Ben Turk’s average last year.

** ND 4 Sacks for 34 yds. All in second half, nice adjustment Coach Diaco.

** 7 receivers were involved in catching Passes, 2 were running backs.

Floyd – 5

Rudolph – 5

Jones – 3

Wood – 2

Riddick – 2

Kamara – 1

Allen – 1

** All Purpose yrds. Allen 131, Wood, 122.

Freshman, Bennett Jackson on Special Teams had 4 Tackles, 3 solo. I could not tell if he lined up as a ‘Gunner’, if not, suspect he will this week.

Only 33 ND players saw action. Quite a low number considering the next man philosophy, substitution policy and kickers. 33 equals 11 for offense, defense, special teams. It really means a lot of offensive and defensive players were also a part of special teams. Here they are:

Notre Dame: 1B-SPOND, Danny, 2A-COUGHLIN, Patrick, 12-BLANTON, Robert, 15-McCARTHY, Dan, 17-MOTTA, Zeke, 18-KAMARA, Duval, 20-WOOD, Cierre, 21-GALLUP, Barry, 23-WOOD, Lo, 25-GRAY, Jonas, 28-COLLINSWORTH, Austin, 33-HUGHES, Robert, 35-TURK, Ben, 41-BURGER, Bobby, 46-FILER, Steve, 48-FOX, Dan, 50-KAVANAGH, Ryan,

54-McDONALD, Anthony, 55-SHEMBO, Prince, 58-SMITH, Brian, 60-COWART, Jordan, 62-FLAVIN, Bill, 66-WATT, Chris, 73-CLELLAND, Lane, 80-EIFERT, Tyler, 81-GOODMAN, John, 86-JACKSON, Bennett, 88-GOLIC, Jake, 91-NWANKWO, Emeka, 92-STOCKTON, Tyler, 94 WILLIAMS, Hafis, 97-RUFFER, David, 98-CWYNAR, Sean.

As a Loyal Son, can you pick out the 6 Freshman?

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