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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Answers To: So You Think You Know College Football Eh? Beat the Wizard

Here the questions and answers. How’d ya do?

#1 In what year was the provision requiring the football to actually be touched to the end zone ground was removed? 1889 [We know that’s hard to believe, but remember the American game of football evolved out of Rugby and those basic rules]

#2 What bowl has ND played in the most? Cotton Bowl [Yes, this was way too easy. Susie our secretary came up with this one. She now is no longer allowed to submit any questions for anything.]

#3 The End Zone was added to the Gridiron because? Creation of the forward pass

#4 What is the width of the gridiron? 53 1/3 yards [We were surprised how many got this right]

#5 The football helmet became mandatory in what year? 1939

#6 The goal post was moved from the goal line to the back of the end zone because? For player safety [Ah, the dreaded “all of the above” caught some]

#7 What year did the drop kick become obsolete? 1934 [It hung around for a while, but they changed the football and made it more pointed to promote the forward pass and it became tough to drop and get a true bounce]

#8 Notre Dame football coach Jesse Harper attended what university? University of Chicago [Not many wanted to take a crack at this question]

#9 What are Mansfield State Normal and Wyoming Seminary famous for? First night game [This one was the hardest]

#10 What year was the plastic helmet introduced? 1939 [Trick question. Yes, the same year helmets were ruled mandatory in college. It took a number of years for the plastic helmet to finally replace the leather model though]

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