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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Wrong Kind of Guys

While riding the Red Line George our SAS archivist and I got into a discussion on the definition of a Kelly recruit.  Little did we realize that it would lead to this post.


We first heard about Notre Dame's Coach Brian Kelly and his Right Kind of Guy (RKG) about a year ago when he and his new coaching staff hit what was left of the recruiting trail and some mighty slim pickings. Kelly ended up with a combination of Charlie Weis recruits and his (Kelly’s) RKG’s. Basically he defined the RKG as one that fits a specific height and weight for a particular position. Throw in desire, raw athleticism, potential, some gray matter between the ears and poof, a RKG.

At this past Sunday’s press conference, Kelly further defined his RKG, only the converse.

So says our coach:

"We have some guys that play because there are 81,000 in that stadium."

"But most of our guys---would play if not one fan showed up for the game. Those are the guys that I want."

"We had too many guys here that were interested in the walk from the basilica, wearing the Notre Dame helmet, and running out before 81,000. That can't be your prime reason for being at the University of Notre Dame. Now we've changed a lot of that."

OK, we can buy into that, gee who wouldn’t?  So have those dudes passed from the scene?  Has he pounded the RKG into any of the non-believers left? Any lingering Doubting Thomas still on the roster?

Just who were these guys doin the walk and wearin the golden helmet for themselves and $$$$? How are they doing today?

We assume these are guys who stepped up to the next level and are currently on roster in the NFL. Although that is one mighty big assumption. Through NFL week 14, here is what we have to offer.

Sergio Brown - Has played in eight games and recorded 11 tackles on defense and special teams.

Jimmy Clausen - Clausen has seen action in 10 games this season with seven starts. He has completed 115 of 224 pass attempts (51.3 percent) for 1,163 yards with a touchdown, seven interceptions and a passer rating of 55.0. He had his best game this past Sunday going 13-19 141 yards and 1 TD.  (Those stats not included above)

Kyle McCarthy - He has recorded two defensive and two special teams tackles. Currently on IR.

Eric Olsen – He has appeared in one game.

Golden Tate - He has played in nine games this season, and has 17 catches for 214 yards. He also has returned 16 punts for 202 yards per return with a long of 63 yards and a kickoff for 10 yards.

Sam Young – He has not seen any action since returning from an MCL injury.

Is Coach Kelly taking a shot at Jimmy and Golden for leaving Notre Dame early? Is it a subtle message to Floyd and Rudolph?

We think it is.  Good for Coach Kelly.


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