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Saturday, December 11, 2010

How The Planets Are Going To have To Align For Notre Dame To Beat Miami

Mercury - Tommy Rees has got to stop throwing picks. Quit staring down his receivers and throw the ball as soon as a receiver comes open.

Venus – David Ruffer needs to be inserted at critical points in the game. i.e. near half-time or near end of the game as appropriate, as has not been done in the recent past..

Third rock from the Sun – The Wildcat a.k.a. Leprechaun needs to be available to take pressure off Rees if Mercury falls out of orbit. This maybe a tough one still both Rudolph and Allen were two of the three original Leprechaun initiators. John Goodman being the third. Can Cierre Wood throw the ball?

Mars – Keep Rees healthy. Come on O-line you can do it. Come on Tommy run for your life and throw it out of bounds. No one wants to see Nate Montana in the game, even Joe.

Jupiter – Wood and Hughes need to convince a reluctant Kelly that they can run in tandem/complimentary and gain yards and take pressure off Mercury from falling out of orbit. You got to prove yourselves early cuz Brian doesn’t have a lot of patience with the run.

Saturn – The defense has got to step up to the plate once again. Come on D. They have developed an attitude and a little swagger.  Keep it up.  Come on Manti, you breathe through your mouth anyway. Welcome back Ian. Smitty we need you to get us another pick. Darren this is your last Irish game Play like a Champion.

Uranus – Man oh man could we use a punt return for good yardage or a kick return to the house. What a solid way to put elusive points on the board and keep Mercury at bay.

Neptune - Keep doin what you been doing all year. Few mistakes. Few penalties. Confidence that you can pull it out and win. 

Pluto** – Floyd has to be more than a decoy. Sure he will be double-teamed. The rest of the receiving corps have to respond and step up to the plate. No tips. No deflections. No drops.

** I was taught by the good sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary that Pluto is a planet. I’m not going to change that perception just because a bunch of scientists say otherwise.

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