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Friday, March 11, 2011

Anatomy of a Sleazy College Football Program

While this humble Notre Dame Football Blog in no way shape or form is self-righteous, it is impossible not to comment on the recent happenings in Columbus Ohio.

If Notre Dame would:

Fire George O’Leary, a newly hired Head Football Coach for padding his resume.

Suspend FB Rashon Powers-Neal for the season because of a DUI that he committed while at home on school break.

Push Head Coach Lou Holtz out the door for recruiting an academically and morally questionable Randy Moss.

How would the Administration have handled the Ohio State Buckeye incident?

A proud Ohio State Football Program that:

Fired Coach Woody Hayes for striking an opponent player in the face.

That recruited and put up with a common street thug Maurice Clarett because he helped them win a National Championship.

Produced a two-time Heisman Trophy winner Archie Griffin.

The entire incident stinks worse than a week old bucket of dead fish.

Five prominent members of the Ohio State Football Team including star quarterback Terrelle Pryor were caught up in a larger Federal investigation. They were selling football mementos, uniforms, awards and Big Ten championship rings for tattoos and cash. They were suspended for the first five games of the 2011 season, but not the pending Sugar bowl Game with Arkansas (Won 31-26). Conventional wisdom would suggest the Buckeyes would have lost the game.

Why the first five games?

In-state powerhouse - AKRON

In-state powerhouse - TOLEDO

Rebuilding - MIAMI (FLA)

Rebuilding - COLORADO


Why not first six games?


Then the bombshell.

Turns out Head Coach Jim Tressel knew about the whole incident that prior spring!


Obstruction of Justice?


Public apology.

$250,000 fine.

Attend an NCAA compliance seminar.

Two-game suspension against mighty Akron and Toledo.

I remember well the stern warning Father Hesburgh made to New Head Coach Lou Holtz: Paraphrase “If you or your staff are involved with any scandal you will be gone off this campus by midnight.”

How would the Notre Dame Administration have handled the Tattoo Boys and the Liar?

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