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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mentoring Ohio State Style

We here at Subway Alumni Station (SAS) are not known for being the sharpest knives in the kitchen drawer but……………… When we read that Ohio State Football Coach Jim Tressel ‘volunteered’ to suspend himself for an additional three games in solidarity with the punishment received by his five memorabilia-selling football players (five game suspension), we could smell something very rotten in Denmark/Columbus.

If you have not read the latest revealed escapades of Jim Tressel, you can peruse it here.

SAS has commented on the corrupt Ohio State Football Program not once but twice before. Why? To level the playing field. In some small way publicize coruption and lying in college football. 

Notre Dame has taken a number of unfair shots concerning the deaths of Elizabeth Seeberg and Declan Sullivan. It is only fair that the hypocrisy of Ohio State Football be commented upon.

So Terrelle Pryor has a mentor? Ted Sarniak from his home town of Jeannette PA who helped with his recruitment to Ohio State.  Pryor works for Sarniak during the summer and drives a Corvette around town.  Must be earning nice money.  Interesting that Tressel e-mailed Sarniak and no one else.  Hmmmm.

Who is Ted Sarniak? Wow. Check him out here and here.

What exactly is a mentor? Someone who acts as a surrogate parent? An advisor? A counselor? A tutor?  A friend?  A role model?  Someone filling the role as in the Big Brother Program or Boys Club?
All of the above?  None of the above?

Why does a 20 year old college senior need a mentor?

Here are a few questions for the NCAA Rule Compliance Investigators:

Was Athletic Director Gene Smith aware of Pryor’s mentor Ted Sarniak?

Does Ohio State have a formal mentoring program involving the likes of Ted Sarniak?

Is the program open to other football players?

How about the Basketball Team?

Does mentoring include ensuring that Terrelle has sufficient ‘walk-around-money’?

How about clothes for Terrelle?

Air fare to get home for the holidays and spring break?

Does mentoring include looking out for Terrelle’s family to assist with food, housing, and transportation?

Did Troy Smith (former OSU quarterback and Heisman winner) have a mentor?

Was Smith’s mentor the guy who gave Smith $500? (Smith was suspended for the Alamo Bowl and the first game of the 2006 season for taking money). Only Smith and his Ohio State booster/mentor know the actual total amount.

Did Maurice Clarett have a mentor? If he did, the mentor did a pretty crappy job.

Gene Smith and Jim Tressel need to resign or be fired now.

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