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Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Call Goes Out For Rudy

Cameron Roberson
So is this the second leg of the Trifecta? View the first leg here.

Soon-to-be sophomore running back Cameron Roberson (6’- 218) went down Saturday in the third Spring Practice session of the season with a left knee injury requiring him being carted off the Loftus practice turf and headed for an MRI. Roberson could not put weight on the knee, a bad sign.

Notre Dame Head Coach Brian Kelly did two things.

Immediately jumped into a golf cart and sped over to the Grotto and lit a candle hoping/praying the injury is only a hyperextension or bruise.

Put out the call to the dorms for running back walk-on try-outs at 6:00 a.m. Monday morning.

Rudy Ruettiger

Well modern day Rudy wantabees here is your chance. This is similar to the famous 12th Man coming out of the stands to help a depleted Texas A & M Team.

The 12th Man

The Irish are thin at running back and will be until reinforcements arrive in the fall. Cam Daniels is the lone pure running back recruit along with WR and RB George Atkinson. Cierre Wood and Jonas Gray are the only scholarship running backs on the Team. With the way Coach Kelly runs such fast paced practices and scrimmages, Wood and Gray have the potential for getting tanked and even hurt.

So how easy would it be to walk-on?

Apparently this is a Spring Practice only requirement. No long term commitment. It is also safe to say that the job description reads for a tackling dummy. It can be assumed that attempting to block the likes of a blitzing cornerback Robert Blanton is also in the cards. The same guy who blocks punts and runs them back for touchdowns.  The same guy who has walked into Spring Practice with an attitude.  Ouch.


*  Have a class schedule that is open Monday –Wednesday – Friday mornings until around lunchtime.

*  Undergo and pass a physical examination.

*  Be in pretty gosh darn good physical shape.

*  Have previous experience at running back.

*  Have some brain matter between the ears to quickly learn the plays. [This is questionable because if you had any gray matter, you probably wouldn’t be there trying-out in the first place.]

*  Get your Mom to say yes.  {This may be the tall pole in the tent.]

It would appear that the class schedule requirement would dictate a senior since they coast their last semester anyway and never have classes before noon when they finally arise from a night of closing local watering holes.

The reporters standing around Kelly when he made the announcement were also asked it they were interested. Kelly had no takers. Too bad. These reporters are always complaining about being shut out of football practice. This is their chance.

EDITORS NOTE: A previous SAS post was made on March 26th and is located below this one.

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