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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Team Walk For The MSU Game Photos

If you follow Notre Dame Football like we here at Subway Alumni Station religiously do, you know they changed the traditional walk after morning Mass from the Basilica to the Stadium.  If not, read about it here.

For the MSU game, “The Walk” was scheduled for 1:30, but of course the Team was about ten minutes late.  When we piled off the shuttle bus from the North White Lot by the Library, we grabbed a seat to wait and people watch.  Just then, a police car pulls up and guess who got out of the front seat?  The priest they named the Library after, Father Hesburgh!  He opens up the back door pulls out an old leather grip and walked right by us with a cane.  Of course, we said hi and he graciously acknowledged two subway alumni.  Except for the cane he was sure looking good.

Anyway, the Team now walks from the Gug to the Library named after the gracious priest, hooks a sharp left by the statues of the two priests the Library and the JACC were named after and head straight to the Stadium.

Down at the bottom of the Blog are some of the shots.  How many of the players do you recognize?  Coach Brian Kelly was flanked by two cops whom I would not want to mess with.  Some of the players had game day faces, others smiled and interacted with the crowd.  Manti Te’o even high-fived my wife.  One player took a picture of me taking a picture of him.  What a hoot!

Jack Swarbrick brought up the rear with some of the assistant coaches and I tried to get an appointment to interview him for the Blog concerning the disintegration of the Big East Conference, but he ignored me.

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