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Thursday, September 29, 2011


True Boilermakers
Been to West Lafayette once, the town and stadium are difficult to reach and with reported road construction all over the place, I’m watching the game from the comfort of my living room.  I can't say I think much of the big drum, the stupid train/whistle or the golden girl.  The fans stink too. 
Plus, we just relocated the Station to Florida for the fall/winter; it would be a long commute. 

When the team sporting the 5th toughest strength of schedule plays the team having the weakest strength of schedule who is going to win?  Purdue has managed to schedule Middle Tenn., Southeast Missouri State, Rice and that dreaded Bye Week U.  They could, could be in for a dose of reality and wondering why they don't schedule competition.

So Purdue is coming off that bye-week with plenty of time to prepare for the Irish.  What can we expect?
**  They will double-team Michael Floyd, they would be stupid not to after watching Pitt and their success. 

**  Give confusing defensive looks to an easily confused Tommy Rees.  Why not, Pitt did and it almost worked.
**  Spend little time on defending the Irish punt return game since it is basically self-destructing each week on its own.

** Try and create turnovers or at least stay ahead of the ratio against the Irish.
** Hope that Rees will continue his telegraphing of receivers by staring down his target from the snap.
** Purdue always plays the Irish tough at home, try and capitalize on that.  This should be a game where we get to see Andrew Hendrix but I doubt it.  I think we will have to wait for Wake Forest at home.

So what are our thoughts about Notre Dame?
** If the Irish have to depend on Kyle Eifert to take up all the slack from the wide receivers, Floyd being double teamed and no vertical passing game, it is going to be a long night.

** If the rushing of Cierre Wood and Jonas Gray are ineffective and the burden is put on Tommy Rees, we are in trouble.
** We are scratching our heads and wondering about the Notre Dame play book and the spread offense.

·         Where is the screen play to Wood?

·         Where is the reverse to Riddick?

·         Where is the double reverse from Jones to Riddick?

·         Where is the Leprechaun?
Brian Kelly keeps defending Tommy Rees by stating that they are still installing and feeding offensive plays.  Wait a minute this has been going on since after the Tulsa debacle.  When is Tommy going to be full?

Go Irish. 

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