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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Rambling Thoughts From A Subway Alumni

Well here we are Wednesday already, raining from Tropical Storm Lee after just getting dried out from Hurricane Irene.  Get's depressing riding the subway sometimes just like last Saturday and Notre Dame giving the game to USF.  Four points that I do not think have been brought up elsewhere.

** The crowd in the S***House is going to be loud and ugly.  When 112,000 morons drink all day expect trouble.  You could not give me the tickets and pay me on top of that to sit with those Skunkbear idiot fans.  I am sure the coaching staff has prepared the players for a very hostile environment.    

** They didn’t do it last year and I have no reason to believe that they will this year, but if I were Bob Diaco and Brian Kelly I’d put a spy on Denard Robinson.  He beat us last year, not the rest of the Skunkbear Team.  I'd probably use Darius Fleming because he is fast, tough and a pretty good tackler.  Robinson can only throw the short pass, take that away from him and he’s going to run like a rabbit.  Someone has got to be watching him all the time. 

** Coach Brian Kelly mentioned that Ben Turk is the best punter in practice and he was booming them before the game.  He revealed that Theo Riddick practices catching punts with one hand while holding a football in the other.  What happened then during the game?  Pressure?  Probably.  Neither of these letdowns appears to be ‘coaching faults’ however that did not stop the Kelly bashers from blaming him for poor coaching.  I suggestion both these fine young men pull themselves up by their bootstraps.

** If Dayne Crist and Tommy Rees were so close in the race to win the starting quarterback position.  If their statistics were so similar from last year.  If the decision took so long and was so hard to make.  If they are basically the same type of quarterback.  If they both know the playbook.  Why didn’t Kelly simply say that both will play and the one looking the best during practice would get the start for the next game?  The entire offensive team has played for both, practiced with both and has confidence in both guys.  I don’t understand why Kelly painted himself in corner and announced that Crist would start all 12/13 games if healthy.  Now he’s had to backtrack, create controversy and tank Crist.  I don’t understand the philosophy that a Team can only function with one quarterback.  Look no farther that Tulsa last year and USF this year.  Rees came in and almost pulled it off.

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Go Irish Beat the Skunkbears.

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