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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Notre Dame vs MSU Tailgating September 17, 2011

We pulled up to the entrance of the North White Parking lot as 7:50 Saturday morning.  The lot was not scheduled to open until 8:00.  Sure fooled us.  At least 50 tailgaters were already up and running, plus about 10-12 RV’s.  They took our $25 bucks and waved us in. 

Great spot!  First row.  Nosed the pickup against the fence with plenty of room to spread out into the alley.  We were an easy walk to the porta-potties and the first shuttle stop.  Plus, it was a shorter walk back to the lot after the game.  The shuttles are too few and slow after the game, plus you get claustrophobic riding with a zillion other fans including the enemy.

Here are a few pictures.

Yeah, we fixed Old Glory from hittin the ground.

Enemy encampment right across the way.  Fancy tent, chairs, and grill.  We still had more fun and that was even before the game.

Real nice setup here.  Satellite dish, TV, generator, open bar, fancy chow, big tent.  Even put orange cones out to protect the dish.  Must be Domers.
You got to know where these are located if you show up at 8:00 a.m. for a 3:30 kickoff and you drink beer.  After about 11:00 a.m. the women folk get a little picky about utilizing them.  After the game they are quite funky.  Best bet is to hit the library where the shuttle stop is located on the way back from the game.
The tree hugger squad.  They stop by and offer special plastic bags for tossing your cans and bottles.  We did not do a very good job this year filling it up.  We brought a keg.  The co-ed was kind of cute.
Sparty got deflated in the Stadium and after the game in North White Parking Lot.  We are going to research obtaining a Leprechaun blow-up for next year.
Notre Dame's finest keeping us safe.

This is how you get to campus.  It seats about 50 but they squeeze another 50 on there just so you can get personal with Sparty fans or get to know some drunk up close.  We always walk back as the lines are long and we want to stretch our legs.
For $120 bucks you can drive and park your RV in the back of North White Parking Lot.  You still have to leave three hours after the game ends but at least you don't have to wait in line to suffer through using porta potties that have seen better times.
Everybody seems to have a Corn-Hole set.  You can even buy a version in the Bookstore, of course it's not called Corn-Hole.  Here is something different.  You toss steel washers and try to get them in the holes in order.  This has got to be a Subway Alumni type game.  Kinda blue collar.  I may make one for next year.
Typical alley way.  You are suppose to keep it open for traffic.  Right.  We have a lot more room than you get at South campus or golf course parking lots.
The basic rules of tailgating that we have learned:
1.  Don't get drunk to the extent that you draw attention to yourself or party.
2.  Offer food and drink to others as appropriate.
3.  Pick up your trash and maintain a clean area.  (this is greatly abused by ND fans and enemy alike)
4.  Don't screw with security.
5.  Don't screw with the enemy.
6.  Leave before the three hour time limit after the game.  What the heck, the traffic has cleared.
7.  Plan on doing it again next year.
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