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Monday, September 5, 2011

If I Were Brian Kelly

I would:

Quit screaming at players who made mistakes/screw-up.  Especially in front of a national audience and for a NBC producer who is looking for game shots.  That is just great fodder for the Kelly and Notre Dame Haters out there.

Bench punter Ben Turk and give freshman Kyle Brindza a chance.

Move Theo Riddick back to tailback where he will not have to catch the football.

Move Bennett Jackson back to WR in place of Theo Riddick.

Start Tommy Rees.

Give John Goodman his job back as punt returner.  Tell him to call a fair catch and simply catch the ball.  Rush the fastest/strongest ten players at the punter.  Yeah, well it’s better than -2 yards for punt returns and the upside potential is pretty good.

Scream at Harrison Smith - 2 face mask penalties, Gary Gray - 1 personal foul, 1 holding, Michael Floyd - 1 holding (cost touchdown), Ethan Johnson - 1 personal foul.  All until I turn blue in the face, but behind closed doors for those idiotic personal foul penalties.

Think about hiring a new full time Special Teams Coach.

Start giving Andrew Hendrix some more reps in practice.

Start adding some fast tempo to the offense that I keep talking about.

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Anonymous said...

Everything I was thinking about you've published. Someone should get a copy to Kelly. He's got to be churning over the very same points.

When you work into practically having a stroke, you are not as clear headed as you need to be. Gees, I hope he corrects/controls that. The same frustrating things will happen time after time. I mean right away you adjust and have Goodman back to fair catch. Is Theo going to burble another? Maybe. Is he going to Rocket up field? Hardly. Special teams coach should have this authority and BK could check if needed. And another of your points: He has to be a competent special teams coach.

Grim Jack

Subway Alumni said...

I also slept at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

Am quite proud of myself, I did not drop kick the dog out the door, embed the remote into the TV or get drunk after watching all those seniors screw up.

Subway Alumni

Anonymous said...

After walking around the stadium four times, I was finally ready to discuss the game (Can i call it that...that is still up for debate). When every part of the game breaks down you have to look at the coaches. If I was Brian Kelly I would rip into my coaches before i ripped into my players. The coaches need to be held accountable for the lack of discipline and focus. Although, the players need to take responsibilty for their actions, the coaches need to take a deep look inside. EVERY part of the game was rotten. Damn, I need to take another walk.

Subway Alumni said...

I saw so many problems on Special Teams it made me sick. Look past the poor punting, the poor punt rececpions, what about USF being in Riddick's face before he had a chance? Who is blocking?

IrishPT said...

We have been bad on special teams (other than FG kicks last year) for a long time. Some coach needs to be held accountable.