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Friday, January 27, 2012

Leaving Late or Coming Late - Greg Schiano or Charlie Weis

So which is a worse hit for “The Team”? 

A coach quitting days before National Signing Day (NSD) as in Greg Schiano formerly from Rutgers.  
OR a coach being hired and not able to truly devote recruiting and signing time because of NFL commitments and a Super Bowl as in Charlie Weis formerly of the Patriots, Irish, Chiefs, Gaters and now Jay Hawks.

We feel sorry for the Rutgers coaching staff and training staff left behind.  Especially also for the young men who committed to the Scarlet Knights to play football for Schiano.
Money and opportunity.  Opportunity and money.  Quite a combination.

Rutgers has/had 17 verbal commitments so far (same as Notre Dame this year) and it will be interesting to see who tries to poach and who tries to jump ship.  We suspect that if there is anyone Urban Meyer’s would have wanted he would have poached him already.
More interestingly where to do find a head coach this time of year?  If you rob a head coach from another school, you’ve just screwed them.  Do you hire within to try and hold the team together?  Is there anyone qualified on the staff or are you looking to tube the season?

The school is in the process of spending $$$ to upgrade facilities and enhance the football program because of Schiano and his winning ways.  Will be interesting to watch Rutgers the next few years and see if the investment pays off.
Apparently talent is in place at Rutgers, something lacking on defense and the offensive line when Charlie finally arrived at Notre Dame after winning the Super Bowl for Tom Brady.

Schiano has his work cut out for him in Tampa.  The Subway Alumni Station has a Blue Line from Tarpon Springs to Tampa and some things are known about the Bucs.  (1)  They quit last year on their coach, quarterback, and fans.  (2)  They are not very good.  (3)  Josh Freeman and Tommy Rees could be related by the number of turnovers they both committed last year.  (4)  The fan base is dissatisfied because the Bucs don’t sellout and the home games are blacked out by the NFL.  (5)  Management dicked around in waiting to fire R. Morris and lost out on all the available head coaching talent.
We think a coaching resigning just before NSD is worse than one coming in late trying to no avail to play catch up.

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