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Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Well the moronic outrage has begun.  God help us all.  Notre Dame has exercised an option/contract clause provision to extend Head Coach Brian Kelly’s five-year contract through 2016.
Everyone is pointing at his 18-10 record and the really stupid extension that was given to Charlie Weis after less than one year at the helm.  How could Notre Dame repeat such an ugly, terrible, historical event?

No big deal.  Let’s get real.  Grow up you idiots over at NDNation and misc. blogs.  The Good Fathers of the Holy Cross dumped Ty Willingham  and Charlie Weis early, they can/will do the same with Brian Kelly.  The $$$ makes no difference.  The fools at NDNation are still hoping that Stoops, Meyers, Gruden, JoPa, Skip Holtz, Knute Rockne, et al, etc, and anyone else in the current favor will come to Notre Dame and wake up the echoes.

Most of those guys listed above are not in lock-step with graduation rates, course grades, recruiting of street thugs, and kids that only want to play until the NFL calls.  The administration won’t even talk to those type coaches anymore.

The problem with Brain Kelly is that the individuals who for the last two years have touch the football right after the center hikes it to them have not very good.  That includes, Nate Montana, Tommy Rees, and Dayne Crist.

Whether Andrew Hendrix or Everett Golson are the answer remains to be seem, however it would appear lacking a freshman QB recruit in 2012 that Brain Kelly’s tenure remains in the balance.


Tulsa Irish said...

I don't get the outcry. I didn't get the outcry when Kelly was hired. He's a successful coach, the most successful coach we've had in a very long time. He built Grand Valley State into a powerhouse and had a 118–35–2 record there. He did pretty well at Central Michigan, winning the MAC Championship with them. He had what can only be described as great success at Cincinnati, taking them to two BCS bowls and compiling a 34–6 record. Does anyone really think he suddenly "forgot" how to coach or doesn't know how to build a team properly? Come on! Give him some time to build the team (which is what ND is doing with this extension) and watch and enjoy the results.

Now, if the Irish don't improve their little turnover problem next year, this may be a different discussion, but for now just give the guy a fighting (pun intended) chance!

Subway Alumni said...

Tulsa –

Yeah, last time I looked Kelly was not throwing picks in the enemy’s end zone, flubbing snaps or missing 30 yard field goals.

I have never seen a Team more snake bit than Notre Dame these past two years. How we beat MSU last (2011) year ranks up there as one of the great mysteries of all times.

If Kelly does not solve the quarterback problem and get some breaks, 6-6 is entirely possible this year.

Subway Alumni