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Friday, January 6, 2012

Notre Dame's Tyler Eifert Decision

Well January 15th and NFL declaration day is only 11 days away for Junior Tyler Eifert of the Fighting Irish.  Everyone here at the Station is holding their breath and hoping Tyler makes the right decision best for him.  We think that decision is also best for subway alumni fans, return for a third year.

Tyler received his NFL draft projection and got a 3rd round possible pick.  That and $4.95 will get you a small cup of Starbuck’s coffee.  Just ask Jimmy Clausen or Brady Quinn.
Realistically, Tyler has two years of eligibility left, however no one expects him to stick around for the 2013 campaign.  2012 would sure be nice and picking up a sheepskin wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

We see three issues:

*** Draft competition and any other juniors declaring.  No sure if the 3rd round projection takes all that into consideration or just his resume.

*** Who does Notre Dame have to toss Tyler the football in 2012?  Hmmm good point.  He did have 6 catches and 90 yards in the Champs Sports Bowl.  However we are hoping neither one of those guys will be passing the football around come this fall.

*** Not a lot of playing time.
Tyler Eifert’s resume:

6’ 6” – 249 lbs.

Mackey Award Finalist (that and $4.95 will get you another cup of Starbuck’s coffee).

Broke Notre Dame's Ken MacAfee’s single season record (1977) of 54 receptions (57), howver that is not near the NCAA record.

Started all 13 games in 2011:  57 receptions, 713 yards and 5 touchdowns

Played in 11 games in 2010:  27 receptions, 352 yards and 2 touchdowns
Statistic wise NCAA ranked #1 2011 Tight End with: 13 games, 63 receptions, 803 yards, 5 touchdowns.

Rumor has it that Tyler’s blocking technique needs work.  Hmmm, no one in the office wanted to test that rumor.

Subway Alumni Station other points of issue:

Great hands.

Can take hits.

Quiet, team player.

Does not make many mistakes (penalties), false starts, personnel fouls.

It would appear that the potential 2012 Notre Dame All American Tight End would take pressure off a fledging Irish receiving corp.

Editors Note:  About six hours after this posting Tyler Eifert announced his decision to return to Notre Dame, get his degree and once again play with his fellow teammates for at least another year.

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DRLouHoltz said...


Tulsa Irish said...

I say this is a good move for Eifert, and not just because we are really going to need him next year. Last year, Michael Floyd was projected to be a 2nd or 3rd round pick. This year after an outstanding senior season, he's projected to be a 1st round pick and in many circles the 2nd WR off the board (after Blackmon). Hopefully, coming back for another season will have a similar effect on Eifert.