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Friday, January 13, 2012

Notre Dame and the 2012 Murderer's Row Schedule

Well Notre Dame’s 2012 Murderer’s Row Schedule is starting to look even tougher than after the first glance we gave it when it was finalized last year.  6 and 6 is becoming a real distinct possibility even this early in the year.  Rivals.com has come out with their top 25 and Notre Dame is not on it. 

No not this murderer’s row.
Unfortunately 5 of our opponents did make it:

2.  USC
5. Oklahoma

8.  Michigan
13.  Michigan State

20.  Stanford
Also consider:

**  You can bet MSU head Coach Mark Dantonio has already circled September 15th (in East Lansing) on his calendar and is figuring out how to cream us as payback for last year.
**  We have not figured out how to beat Denard Robinson and quite to the contrary will we figure out another way to give the Skunkbears yet another game? 

***  Last year we managed to squeak by Wale Forest, Pittsburgh and Boston College by an average of five points.
**  We can’t seem to win all the “easy games” as in USF, Tulsa, Navy and always find a new and exciting way to lose.

**  Matt Barkley (QB), WR’s Marqise Lee and Robert Woods return along with 14 other starters to USC and we play in California.
**  Michigan returns 14 starters, a better yet defense and Robinson who has our number.

** Oklahoma returns 13 starters along with QB Landry Jones and we play them in Norman.
**  Do not overlook Miami or BYU, teams that we will be matched pretty close.

Some pending in-house issues:
**  The Irish do not have a quarterback and if we do, I have not seen him play.

**  Brian Kelly has not hired a Special Teams coach and there is no indication that it is in the works.  The Irish need to settle on a place kicker, improve the kick-off game and establish a punt return among other issues.
**  Proven wide receiver depth is kind of scary.  The loss of Michael Floyd (100) and moving Theo Riddick (38) back to RB hurts.  TJ Jones (38), Robby Toma (19) and a maybe returning John Goodman (7) is all she wrote.

So anyway, this schedule is going to give us fits.  You can check it out and cry over on the right side of the Blog.
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Anonymous said...

Yes, and I think Spring practice should be devoted to putting together a decent punting team.

Grim Jack

Subway Alumni said...


Florida State has/had a great distance punter. In the Champs Sports Bowl he unfortunately out-kicked his coverage and Michael Floyd had a chance to rip one off for 30+ yards. If that had been Theo Riddick with good hands, he could have taken it to the house.

Notre Dame faced a bevy of crappy punters this past year and with little blocking of opponent gunners and short kicks, it was simply awful.

I am a Brian Kelly fan and supporter. However the punt game and quarterback situation need to be fixed ASAP. He has a stable of young talent coming this fall as well as a bunch of red shirts and a ton of guys itching to play. He needs to develop them.

I expect improvement, even with the Jack Swarbrick murder schedule.

Subway Alumni

Anonymous said...

Somewhere on the campus there has to be another George Gipp walking about. Good quarterbacks shouldn't be so scarce. Remember when Ara picked Huarte out from nowhere to run his offense.

Lou would look at this schedule as an opportunity to put aside all doubts. That was 1988.

Grim Jack

Subway Alumni said...

Gee I don’t know about that Grim.

Kelly already has searched his 85 scholarship student-athletes and 20+ walk-ons, plus scoured the campus for a guy that could:

** Determine whether to catch a punt and run with it or fair catch it

** Catch the punt

** Run with it

All to no avail.

Now you are asking for another talent search for a QB?

Kelly has enough problems with disgruntled coaches leaving, filling the vacant positions, keeping from losing any more recruits and coaches to Meyers, and trying to land half a dozen more kids.

Knock me over with a feather if he hires a Special Teams coach.

Was seriously considering taking the Misses to Dublin and the Navy game. After sitting through the FSU game and that give-away, decided to forgo.

Subway Alumni