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Monday, January 2, 2012

What’s Next on the Schedule

Musings On Where Is The Notre Dame Football Program Going.

Driving back from the debacle in Orlando I tried to find a positive spin on the 18-14 loss to an inferior FSU team and could not think of any rational theme.  It was hard enough just licking my wounds.  Then I got wrapped up in family visiting and just plain having fun around the house with them.  So no posting in over a week.
Did not listen or watch Kelly’s post game comments nor did I subject myself to the zillion stories, articles and commentary over here in Tarpon Springs on the “great FSU win”.  What the heck, I was there and watched in horror as our quarterbacks self-destructed.   Talk about the tired cliché, “snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory.”  I did read a couple of threads on Rock’s House over on NDNation but they seemed bent on jumping out the basement window or trying to slash their wrists with a butter knive over Brian Kelly.  Just checked again and they are still at it.  Why do they think Gruden, Stoops, Meyers, et al would come coach at Notre Dame when graduating is more important than playing football.  They wouldn’t last a season and rightly so.

Notre Dame and Brian Kelly have just announced some coaching changes.  Read it Here.  Knew about Charley Molnar going to UMass however did not think Tim Hinton was leaving just after he said he was sticking around.  Ed Warinner leaving was a complete surprise.  They both get one sentence at the bottom of the news release.  Reading between the lines, I guess the parting was not amiable.  What was missing was any mention of the hiring of a Special Teams coach.  That seems a huge mistake and hope a hire is in the works.

No word from Tyler Eifert.  You would think he’s leaving since if Tyler were staying he would have said so by now.  Can’t blame him.  Looking at the quarterbacks he’s got throwing at him, I’d leave as well.

Seventeen recruits, probably three or four more yet to be committing or picked.  Surprised none have jumped ship after the Stanford and FSU games.  Check them out on the left side of the Blog.

Big decision on fifth year seniors and who will be invited back.  Again, the number of spots is contingent on the number of recruits and if anyone else transfers out.  The list is long and the decisions tough.  Very few guarantees after Braxton Cave, Kapron Lewis-Moore and Jamoris Slaughter.
Looking at the quarterback situation, I don’t see the same logjam that Gunner Kiel did.  The position is wide open.  Or is it?  My youngest son said he would not watch Notre Dame Football this year (2012) if Tommy Rees starts in Dublin.  I was toying with the idea of going over to the game and some sightseeing.  Naw, changed my mind.

Well let’s see the schedule:

**  Tyler Eifert decision.

**  Finish up picking the coaching staff.

**  Finish up recruiting.

**  Decisions on fifth year seniors.

**  National signing day

**  NFL Draft and Free Agency

**  Spring ball.

Can’t wait.

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