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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Two Reports of Investigations - When Will the Other Shoe Drop?

SAS is anxiously waiting an announcement on the results of two significant reports of investigation. Between now and whenever the NCAA rules and infraction Gestapo get around to it, the immediate future of Notre Dame Football and also its storied history could be effected.

Richard A. Rodriquez (University of Michigan and West Virginia University)

Allegation: The habitual violation of NCAA rules by requiring attendance at unofficial scrimmages and requiring players to work-out more hours than NCAA rules permit during the off-season. The Detroit Free Press first broke the story based upon (then) present and past player sworn statements. The kicker being that the NCAA infraction Gestapo just figured out that they probably should investigate Rodriquez’s time and actions while Head Coach at WVU.

You will hear and see the results in a most unusual way. If the violations are proven true, a violent, soon to be drunken, riotous mob will rise up starting in Ann Arbor. It will then spread all across Michigan, even to the god forsaken Upper Peninsula. They will be carrying rope, rails, feathers, tar, and demanding that Rodriquez resign. IF such violations occurred during his tenure at WVU, their will be a hew and cry so loud bellowing out of West Virginia that it will frighten even those poor souls living in Alaska. The lynch mob pouring out of West Virginia will try to get to Rich first. Possible penalties heaped on top of the humiliation from Coach Rodriquez infamous skedaddle to Michigan a couple of years ago. Wow!

What could be at stake for Notre Dame? Michigan’s forfeiture of their 38-34 win over the IRISH in 2009? Possible loss of scholarships and no bowl attendance? Possible forfeiture of wins that effect Michigan’s grand total at the winningest football program in the world? A slap on the wrist?

If the violations are proven false, the murmurs of firing will continue in Michigan, especially after Notre Dame beats there pants off this year. A loud collective sigh of relief and hopefully final good riddance will be heard from the Mountaineer State.

Reginald Alfred "Reggie" Bush II (University of Southern California)

Allegation: A report surfaced raising questions about whether Bush's family received gifts ($$) in violation of NCAA policies. The school has requested that the conference investigate the matter, and Bush has denied any impropriety. In April 2009, the Los Angeles Times reported that the NCAA is combining its investigations of Bush and former USC basketball player O.J. Mayo into a single probe of the Trojans' athletic program. A lawsuit against Bush was filed by sports marketing agent Lloyd Lake, who alleges he gave more than $300,000 in cash and gifts to the former Trojans running back during his college career.  Some of that money allegedly went toward rent for a family home.

You will hear the results in the usual ho-hum way. A slap on the wrist? After all it has been four long years since Bush left U$C and less than a year since Pete Carroll jumped ship and Hollywood for the crappy climate of Seattle.

What could be at stake for Notre Dame? A number of embarrassing drubbings by U$C might be erased from the record books through forfeiture? The remote possibility that U$C would have to forfeit a National Championship and that Reginald would have to return the Heisman trophy to the Downtown Athletic Club in New York? Both of which would temporarily ensure Notre Dame’s lead over U$C in those bean counting categories.

Will/can the NCAA take back a National Championship? Will/can the boys from New York demand the return of the metal and wood statue? Does it matter?

Although unfortunately nothing will ever erase the “Bush Push.”

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