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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Who Wants a Ride? Get on Board!

Rereading my initial posts, I am a little bit surprised at my negativity and skepticism. Like those that have chosen to migrate over from BGS, I pretty much bleed Blue and Gold, especially on Saturdays in the fall and consider Notre Dame Football the greatest team sport to watch and enjoy.

The issue has thus been isolated and I will try to be more positive. After all, I do not want to drive anyone away before we really get started here. The real problem is that I was burned by Charlie Weis.  But who wasn't?

After watching Lou Holtz and the Notre Dame Administration acrimoniously part ways with hard feelings felt all the way around. I was not sure Bob Davie was the right fit with zero head coaching experience and was not terribly sad to see him get his walking papers.

The general consensus around was that Ty Willingham would be able to recruit like crazy and bond with the African-American athletics at Notre Dame. With better talent than he could ever get from the likes of Stanford, I thought for sure he would succeed with the Irish. I bought into all that baloney. Duh.

I should not have, but I embraced Charlie and all that he said and did. Including bringing in that pro style offense to Notre Dame. His approach to practices and the handling of the Irish like the pro teams in the NFL. Hinting that the NFL awaited anyone and everyone who would embrace his style and football philosphy. Showing off the gaudy Super Bowl rings, talking up his offensive genius and plans to out-smart the opponents. Gee, he even went to school at Notre Dame, New Jersey tough-guy attitude, lovely daughter with special needs, pass right on the first play, bond with the Navy team after the game, son standing next to him on the sidelines, I bought it all. Lock, stock and barrel.  Duh again.

When the defense began to stink like week-old dead fish, the plan to ease out the inexperienced Corwin Brown and bring in defensive genius John Tenuta seemed perfect. After all, John kicked our butts once.  I stayed on Charlie’s bandwagon and started singing happy days are here again with the rest of you.

I finally fell off the bandwagon with the second loss to Navy. My kester is still sore and I have to rub it from time-to-time just to remember my gullibility.

So here comes the Kelly Wagon. Everyone likes the idea of a proven coach and staff. Plenty of college experience. Assistant coaches who had to ride on buses with the team to games played with open end zones. Brian Kelly says he is going to bring back toughness and a new style. Secretly, I think he is surprised at the talent level and may even drool a little over the possibilities. Kelly Camp, a training table, study hall, game room in the Gug, new young hungry coaches and a promise to play old fashion Notre Dame Football. Sounds great, still I’m going to hope, pray and wait and see. However, I will sound positive and root for the echoes to be heard by one and all once again. We are all way over due.

So let me be the very first.

Go IRISH! Beat the Boilermakers.

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