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Monday, October 10, 2011

ND vs. AFA Observations From Afar

The yellow mums looked awesome in the stadium.  Hope they hold up for U$C in two weeks.  Somehow I don't think the guys from Colorado Springs noticed.

The weather was spectator for South Bend the first week of October.  The 80 degree sunny day allowed for all the students to wear there blue T-shirts at least one more time. 

The trees have started to turn and should be out with full force color when the Irish battle the Men of Troy.

So why the disappearing act with Manti Te’o?  Coach Brian Kelly conceded at the Sunday teleconference that he dinged his ankle in practice that Wednesday.  He was nonexistent in the second half.  However Manti still recorded 5 unassisted and 5 assisted tackles against the AFA.  We need him and Ethan Johnson back when the Irish take on the under NCAA suspension University of Southern California.

So what was with the AFA kick-off team holding hands and swinging their arms in unison?  I suspect that it is part of a called on-side kick play that can be implemented at a time, place and circumstance required.  The AFA on-side kick play that was executed was not expected by the Irish and surprise was not required.  Don’t expect any of that foolishness from Southern Cal.

Rumor floating around NDNation is to expect 80,000 green towels waving at a green jersey clad Notre Dame Team.  Can’t wait.  Suspect USC could care less as long as they bring their crappy band and that doubly crappy ditty they insist on playing after every play.  At least the Administration has drawn the line on the stupid horse and rider in the stadium.

So did the introduction of Andrew Hendrix wakeup the game film watchers in the darkroom of the Trojan film room?  How about Michael Floyd back to receive punts?  How about the reverse to Theo Riddick or the neat pitch to Cierre Wood?  Or maybe the option toss?  You got to love the wrinkles added by Brain Kelly just in time for bye week before the biggest rivalry the Irish have on the schedule.
Head Coach Seattle Sea Hawks
Man.  Everyone in the Station is pumped up already.

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Anonymous said...

Haven't watched last year's SC game yet but recall it was a cliff hanger. It would be nice to be able to stay on the couch.

I went back and watched the first half of the SFU game. S.Florida wasn't all that bad. 0-13 half time.

Hendrix's appearance seems to signal the end of Crist so I watched him especially. He was doing okay with Wood tearing up the turf but was having trouble converting on 3rd and long after a penalty or something. Over shooting Floyd and not leading Eifort enough. Turk was able to get rid of all those bad punts right away. Then there was the interception in the end zone.

I think there's more to it than that. I think Crist said or answered back something to Kelly that he regrets. Coach's mind seems to be closed on the issue. BK didn't really turn livid until Rees hit TJ in the helmut.

Of all things, I wonder if Crist considers transferring for his last year of eligibility. Not sure how that works at other schools. He should have feigned an injury after the first half. Two years would make it worth while. Roll out to some sleepy campus like Wake Forest and relax for a change. A chance to put off selling life insurance or used cars.

Grim Jack

Subway Alumni said...

Grim Jack

I had not thought of the “In-the-dog-house-issue” concerning Dayne Crist and a verbal disagreement between him and Kelly.

I do agree, his playing time with a healthy Tommy Rees is remote. He is the number two QB for the long haul as it appears Andrew Hendrix is still learning.

It was very strange that before the season Kelly announced Crist as his 13 game starter and then gave up on him for one-half of one game performance. Queer.

Then Rees goes about shooting himself in the foot during the second half of the USF and entire UM game. Queerer.

I don’t know how the loyalty thing works since Weis recruited Crist and he is not the style or type Kelly would ever recruit.

Subway Alumni