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Monday, October 3, 2011

Notre Dame and Air Force Some Statistics and Rankings

Dead Falcon
First of all, let’s not get too cocky over zero turnovers in the Purdue game last Saturday.

Case in point:

**  Tommy Rees had two passes dropped by Purdue defenders.  One might have been a pick-six except the ball hit Purdue DB on the hands.

**  Michael Floyd fumbled and recovered the ball after a nice catch.

**  Tommy Rees and Jonas Gray fumbled a handoff that was recovered by Rees.

Notre Dame and Air Force are different as night and day.  Here are some miscellaneous statistics and rankings that bear this out.

Rushing Offense:

AF ranked 3rd.

ND ranked 41st.

Passing Offense:

AF ranked 113th, 55 for 38, 596 yards, 69.1 completion

ND ranked 21st, 196 for 125, 1347 yards, 63.8 completion

Net yards:

AF ranked 38th, 2054 yards, 1458 rushing and 600 passing

ND ranked 15th, 2245 yards, 898 rushing and 1373 passing

First Downs:

AF ranked 65th, 93 first downs, 64 rushing, 25 passing, 6 on penalties

ND ranked 3rd, 130 first downs, 45 rushing, 69 passing, 12 on penalties

Defense by Sacks and Interceptions:

AF ranked 40th, 10 sacks and 5 interceptions

ND ranked 19th, 13 sacks and 5 interceptions


AF ranked 112th, 12 for 511 yards and 38.4 net

ND ranked 83rd, 19 for 708 yards and 37.1 net (Don't be fooled, Ben Turk is getting good/lucky rolls out of his rugby style punting)

Punt Returns:  (We already know this is dismal)

AF 4 for 50 yards, 12.5 avg.

ND 10 for 3 yards, .3 avg.

Kick-Off Returns:

AF ranked 77th, 15 for 361 yards

ND ranked 37th, 21 for 484 yards (Without George Atkinson’s touchdown run, this stat would be average)

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