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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Notre Dame Reverse Play

If you follow Subway Alumni Station (SAS) Blog (and we hope you do), you know that one of our rants is the Irish lack of originality in the running game.  Read rant Here.  One of our examples is the end around or reverse.
** It gets a swift WR in space.

** It slows down the rush on the quarterback and keeps them honest.

** It works well with a defense trying to defend a spread offense.

** It can be run “naked” without a lead blocker or with a tight end breaking free of his block to lead.

Well Blog fans, Brian Kelly must read our wonderful Blog, we got my wish Saturday against Purdue!

If you missed it or were as open mouth dumbfounded as me, there is what happened:

Fourth quarter, Notre Dame 38 – Purdue 3, ND first and ten on their 45.

WR John Goodman swings around behind Tommy Rees and gets the handoff and runs for two yards before being forced out-of-bounds.  No big deal, ND was flagged for a false start.


Why was the play called?  Look at the score.

Why sure handed, but lead boots Goodman?

Why not Robby Toma, Theo Riddick, or TJ Jones?

Why…………..?  What a waste of a great play.

** To let the rest of the schedule know the reverse is actually in the playbook?

** To placate ranting SAS?

** None of the above.

Who knows.  At least we know the play is actually in the playbook and practiced.

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