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Friday, October 7, 2011

Notre Dame Bells

For whom the bell tolls?  Why they toll for thee Notre Dame!  These are not the Bells of Saint Mary’s.  Rather the death knell of Independent Football for Notre Dame.  Can it be possible after all these years?

The death of the Big East Conference (BE).  The tall pole in the tent.  The one factor that has kept the Irish a national independent football power.

The Big East is flopping around on the boat deck like a tuna just gaffed and thrown on board.  Texas Christian University has come to the conclusion that it is cheaper and smarter to join the Big 12 instead of the Big East.  Saves time and distance for all its sports.  Makes a lot of economic sense/cents.  The Big East can’t stop the hemorrhaging from Pittsburgh and Syracuse. 
UConn is quietly seeking a way out and into the ACC.  West Virginia has already been soundly rejected by the SEC and ACC.  East Carolina has petitioned to join the Big East.  They bring nothing to the table and actually diminish the sports gene pool.  Navy is sniffing around but there is no real advantage over being independent.  The Big East has even openly stated they are soliciting membership in a desperate attempt to garner and hold eight football schools together to keep their grip on a BCS spot.

Notre Dame needs the Big East to provide a venue for basketball and Olympic sports.  Where will it turn?
Will any conference accept the University minus the Football Program?  It is doubtful that the Big Ten would and probably not the ACC.  The worst scenario is that the Big 12 may and that is like jumping into a frying pan that is already burning everything in the pan.  Turmoil breeding turmoil and no stability.  After all they started this last round of conference moves with Nebraska and Texas A & M.  Who says Texas won't remain the big bully of the less than Big 12?

The Big Ten is waiting.  They are waiting with a heavy boot to stomp on the neck of Notre Dame.  They have waited a long time for this to happen especially after getting their faces rubbed in it back in the 1990’s when the Irish rejected the latest offer when the Big Ten added PSU.  Notre Dame would be gang raped every time they would open their mouths sitting at the table with those SOBs.
The answer is for the basketball teams of the Big East including Notre Dame to continue on as a basketball conference only.  The remaining football schools either go independent or join a lesser conference.  But who cares about them?  Notre Dame can play and schedule whomever they like for the Olympic sports.  Big Ten, MAC, ACC, other small independent schools.  Notre Dame Hockey is already joining a separate conference thanks to the Big Ten and its new league play.   

This keeps Notre Dame Independent.
For Whom the Bell Tolls?  Why yes, it could be chiming for Notre Dame.
We like that.
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