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Monday, December 31, 2012

Irish vs. Bama Prediction


Well I let the entire staff here at Subway Alumni Station off for New Year’s Eve.  It was either that or put up with a pot-luck luncheon and BYO booze office party.  Either way nothing would get done. 
So back in August who’d of thought I would be posting a Notre Dame vs. Alabama BCS National Championship Game prediction December 31st? 

In the middle of fall camp I secretly thought the Irish could go 9-3 with losses to OK, USC and some chump team.  The chump loss to Pitt almost happened.  Attended the Navy and Stanford games and thought tailgating in the rain after the Cardinal Game that we would go 11-1 with only a loss to OK.  That was the only prediction I screwed up. 
Let’s see how I do with Bama.  Here are some things I wrote about the Tide two weeks ago.  I posted this last week about the Irish.

Common sense would tell you it will be a low scoring game just because of the defenses and normal conservative play calling during the initial stages of the game.  A Special Teams play leading to a touchdown, critical turnovers creating opponent points, and costly penalties could make the difference in the game.  Down by two scores for either team will be a tough row to hoe with the strong defenses.  You don’t want to be in that position.   I suspect the game will be decided in the last 8 minutes.
Here is where I think Notre Dame has an advantage.  They have won two games in overtime and a few others by some nail biting close scores.  They have not lost and do not know how to do that sort of thing.  Bama has pounded some luckless cupcakes and got their heads handed to them by TAM.
The Irish are healthy and in the best physical shape of the season.  The players, coaches and staff are hungry and need to be fed.

I have never seen a team bonded and focused like the Irish.  I may not again.
If Alabama gets behind and tired in those last 8 minutes, I think they will quit, fold and go home.

-- Subway Alumni

Notre Dame 14Alabama 13



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