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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Johnny Football and Manti Te'o

The Fighting Irish need their Captain back.  Apparently he has one more trophy to pick up, The Lott Impact Player of the Year award tonight Sunday (12/9/12).  Then it’s back to South Bend and his first final exam Monday morning.  Manti will complete his classes this December and graduate with the rest of fellow seniors come May.
The Team needs his leadership, dedication and intensity to beat Alabama come January 7, 2013.  Coach Brian Kelly said that Manti Te’o was running on fumes.  That’s easy to believe after all the interviews, all the autograph signing, all the hype and all the rubber chicken awards banquets.  He missed two workouts/practices and is apparently eager to prepare for Alabama.

The Notre Dame community A.K.A. NDNation is very proud of one of its’ own who is the most highly honored college football player ever.  We will be even be prouder when he lifts the crystal football in the air.
No he did not win the Heisman.  He was not expected to.  In this era of pass happy spread offenses, it has become a popularity contest of the most prolific quarterback with the best statistics.  It also helps that your team finishes in the top tier ranking that will play in a BCS game.  Sorry Geno Smith.  Sorry Matt Barkley.

Johnny Manziel clearly meets and exceeds what it takes to win the Heisman today, in 2012.  Congratulations to him for sure.
This article pretty much sums up what the Heisman means to Texas A & M.  $$$$$.  The marketing of Manziel and the blitz to make TA&M a national brand, a mover and shaker in the SEC and fill the College Station coffers has begun.  Johnny has taken the unusual step of legally claiming the moniker “Johnny Football”.  This is similar to what Robert Griffin III did when he won the Heisman last year by branding “GR III”.  Of course this was when GRIII was a senior, getting ready to join the NFL and not a redshirt freshman.  Hopefully Johnny and his father will seek legal advice in walking that path with two or three years of amateur eligibility remaining and the NCAA with their big rule books.

I thought Johnny did a great job in his interview and acceptance speech.  He looks good holding the statue and he has a nice set of parents.  While that statue weighs 25 pounds, that target on his back is going to weigh a lot more.  It is suspected that the Oklahoma linebackers and defensive ends are preparing to meet Johnny in the backfield of the Cotton Bowl.  Ditto for every game next year and the year after which  includes cupcakes; Rice, Sam Houston State, SMU and UTEP.  The target and living up to the hype of repeat and three peat is going to take its’ toll wait and see.



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