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Monday, December 10, 2012

What Do We Really Know About The Crimson Tide?

Without getting into the muck and weeds involving statistical comparisons, number crunching, amateur analysis, and biased conclusions, let’s just stick with the facts.
1.  We should be very leery about any University that resides in a state which every other letter is an ‘a’.

2.  The Crimson Tide is the 2011 National Champions in college football.  We need to respect that fact.  They are very very good.
3.  Alabama fans are known to saw off broom handles and jam empty Tide detergent boxes on top.  They then parade around with them like some barbarian carrying the head of his enemy on a pike.

4.  The Tide can be beaten, just ask Johnny Football (Heisman) and his pals at Texas A & M.
5.  Nick Saban is one of the 2-3 best coaches in college football.  (Les Miles and Urban Myers)

6.  Alabama possesses the second best defense behind Notre Dame.  The final score will NOT be 48 – 42.
7.  Tide fans are fanatical and bear considerable watching.  They are known to poison the trees of their rivals.

8.  The Team is loaded with talent.  The recruiting program is one of the best in the country. 
9.  Sometimes it is hard to get excited over a Team nicknamed “Red Water”.

10.  Nick Saban teams, whether at Toledo, Michigan State, LSU, or Alabama are well prepared and come to bring it on.
11.  Alabama has a habit of claiming a lot of National Championships.  The most controversial one was in 1973 where a Notre Dame (10-0) team defeated an Alabama (11-0) team in the Sugar Bowl.

12.  The Crimson Tide of Alabama particularly enjoys playing football in the former Confederate States.  They do because the SEC Conference plays in the deep South and border states such as Missouri and Kentucky.  In 2012 in order to remain close to Dixie, they scheduled such cupcakes; Western Kentucky, Florida Atlantic and Western Carolina.
We can beat these guys. 


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