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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Notre Dame and the ACC – What and Who Does It Really Impact?

It is strongly suggested that the ACC move there map a bit to the West and Indiana.
It is easy to talk about the loss of independence to the Irish12 game football schedule and the other associated side issues.  Such as more bowl opportunities, stability for other Irish sports, an undetermined increase in sports revenue, a larger recruiting footprint in the Mid-Atlantic and South.  Greater Notre Dame brand recognition and expanded ESPN coverage in all sports.

However there are a number of subtle issues that have either been put to rest or will still need to be settled out.

* Notre Dame does not have to worry which cupcakes to schedule anymore.  No Tulsa’s, Western Michigan’s, UCONN’s, Temples, UMASS et. al.  The ACC has a ready supply including, Virginia, Wake Forest, Duke, Maryland and a couple others who we will not name for fear of starting a riot.

* All Notre Dame outdoor sports such as baseball, softball, tennis, golf, soccer, track and field and a few others now have mandatory southern road trips for seasonal spring and late fall games and meets.

* The Irish lacrosse teams are now part of the best competition in the country.

* Finally Notre Dame has an excuse to cut back (dump) on the steady diet of Purdue, MSU, and MI.  We are hoping for a rotation of one Big Ten team a year and not at the beginning of the season and not necessarily the three named above.

** BYU may have made a mistake going independent and hoping for tie-in and support from Notre Dame. 

** The Big East is as dead as the last road kill you just passed on the highway.

** The Big 12 can stop the flirting with Notre Dame and the Big 10 can finally come to the realization that after the boycotting and black balling in the 1920’s Notre Dame never forgot or forgave them.

** It appears all the big boy players are in place.  The Team and Conference musical chairs is about over, exit fees have been increased and a play-off system is in place.  College football is stable

So let the games begin.

Also, GO IRISH beat Sparty

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